Tone It Up Meals: Week 2

I fully intended to give you a recap of our trip to Philadelphia in the form of the delicious meals that I ate, but then I much failed to take a lot of pictures. I’d be a pretty terrible travel blogger because truthfully, sometimes I don’t want to take pictures when I’m traveling. So I did manage to capture some of the noteworthy meals on Snapchat and Instagram but I failed at documenting a full day of eating. Whoops! So I thought I’d just show you what I ate yesterday while attempting to get back on track after the trip with the Tone It Up challenge.

yogurt bowl with cherries

I skipped my normal smoothie bowl and had a yogurt bowl instead. I’m still all about the toppings. This one was frozen blueberries, frozen cherries, chia seeds, and coconut. YUM.

apple and cashews

I packed an apple and cashews for a morning snack but I ended up only eating the cashews. I started sitting at a new desk at work and the area is so quiet. I didn’t want to be the person loudly eating an apple so… I skipped it.

work salad

For lunch, I headed to the cafeteria for a quick bite. I made this giant salad and pretty much ate it as fast as I could before my next meeting. A bit later, the candy cart came by (yes, we have a cart that brings free candy straight to your desk) so I had a little cup of gummy bears. I hadn’t had any for a while so it was a nice little treat!

The afternoon was pretty busy with meetings so it went by quickly. After work, I met up with Alex and a friend at En Su Boca, a local Mexican restaurant.

en su boca

I normally just get tacos but I decided to try something different. This was the burrito bowl with rice, black beans, cheese, veggies, salsa, and avocado. This was so good but definitely a lot of food. Alex and I ended up sharing it.

Once we got home, we went for a walk and I squeezed in a couple of the Tone It Up workouts. Every day is different and Tuesday was hard because I was still sore from Monday! After I finished, Alex and I watched a little TV and I snacked on a few frozen grapes and a little bit of popcorn. I’m not sure why I was feeling so snacky but I’ll blame it on the workouts.

What’s your favorite yogurt topping?

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  1. You have a candy card at work? That is so amazing. And that burrito bowl looks delicious!

  2. Haha I wrote my comment and then realized it started the exact same as Melissa’s. You have a candy cart!?! That’s the cutest thing I’ve heard in a long while. Does the candy change up every week!?
    I hate it when I have an apple but its really quiet around and I don’t want to be annoying with my chomp-chomping, aha! Delicious day of eats.

    • Haha yeah there are like a dozen types of candy on it! It comes by every Tuesday!! And yes, I need to find quieter fruit to eat!! Haha

  3. That burrito bowl looks amazing. I love being able to pile veggies and toppings into those things! I’m also always jealous of your cafeteria at work. Technically, I could eat at ours on campus, but it’s like $11 for lunch, which always seems so high.

  4. Ah! I love a good burrito bowl and that one looks delicious!

  5. bahahaha I love that you skipped the apple so that you weren’t loud – you are so considerate. I totally would’ve munched away 😉

  6. How did I not know you came up to Philadelphia? Oh my, so close to me (literally 5 miles!). I hope you had a great time.

  7. OMG a candy cart! It would be so hard for me to pass on everyday. You should request they bring healthy snacks around so you don’t feel loud eating your apple 😉

  8. Hemps seeds are def my favorite yogurt topping! Your salads look so yummy. I’m jealous!

  9. That candy cart sounds so dangerous! and that burrito bowl is definitely something I would love! It looks so good.


  10. I can’t believe you have a candy cart at work! That’s insane! incredibly dangerous!! 🙂

  11. That burrito bowl looks absolutely amazing Liz! 🙂 And I love that you are so close to the East Coast. It’s really fun for me to soak up all the history there.

    Hmm… My favorite yogurt topping would probably be nut butter?

  12. Mmm that burrito bowl looks delicious! For my favorite yogurt topping, I’d have to go with something sweet and crunchy to add balance to the smooth, creaminess…like cereal! (or waffle cone pieces/chocolate chips for froyo 🙂

  13. I am soooo glad my work does not have a free candy cart!!!! I love berries and nuts with my yogurt.

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