What I Ate Monday 

It’s been one of those weeks where it just feels like we’re going, going, going! I’m not complaining though because I do like being busy. (Well, to some degree… and then it crosses a line where I’m completely overwhelmed and I fall apart and Alex has to remind me to scale things back.) But this week has been the good kind of busy. My parents have been in town so it’s been fun catching up with them and work has been jam packed which means the days are flying by!

Anyways, it’s Wednesday, so let’s get to the food! Here’s what I ate on Monday:

breakfast of toast

We were super low on groceries so I had some toast (freezer bread is a lifesaver) with a bit of Kerrygold butter on it and a side of frozen mango. This sounds pretty random but I went through a toast + mango phase a couple of years ago and I ate it on repeat for months. I actually had a terrible habit of eating in my bed so I constantly had toast crumbs in my sheets. I had to break that habit before Alex and I got married. 😉

lunch pinto beans

The morning zoomed by and I was excited when lunch rolled around! I had some leftover pinto beans, black beans, brown rice, and salsa. Chipotle catered my brother’s birthday party last week so we’ve had quite a bit of leftovers. This was the last of them and it was delicious. I definitely added a lot of hot salsa though because my eyes were watering by the end! The tortilla chips were the baked blue corn chips from Trader Joe’s. Not quite as yummy as the fried ones but still pretty good. I also snacked on a tangerine but I forgot to snap a picture.

For dinner, my parents met us at Stuzzi. Alex and I used to go here pretty much every Monday, but our routine has been off lately so it hasn’t been a regular occurrence. My parents had never been so it was fun to bring them to our favorite pizza spot! Alex and I both went with the simple margherita pizza.  

Any explanation I give this pizza will not do it justice. I always pretend like I’m not going to eat the whole thing and then I always eat the whole thing. Oops.

I spent most of the night chatting on the porch with my parents, which was a lovely way to spend the evening. I was pretty stuffed but I managed to make room for a few pieces of dark chocolate. I can’t resist ending with something sweet!

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

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  1. Dark chocolate and pizza all in one day. That’s what I’m talking about!
    I totally know what you mean about a fair level of business. I need to be busy enough to keep me productive, but not so busy I’m on the verge of tears from too little sleep.

  2. I just love a good cheese pizza with New York style crust – thin and greasy!

  3. Pizza and Mexican in one day sounds like perfection! I love margherita pizzas, but I also love piling on veggies too. Makes me feel like I’m eating something healthy lol.

  4. My favorite pizza is for sure Margarita – or onions and peppers! Also, your lunch looks SO good – Chipotle leftovers for the win!

  5. You can’t eat pizza without cheese!?

    Honestly, pizza is my fave food because there are so many options (and I love cheese!)

  6. Mmmh. I want both your lunch and that pizza.
    Like you, I actually enjoy being busy so work flies by but it can get overwhelming. I remember your parents being around and it’s so nice you had a good time. Especially when you can show them a little more of your day to day life which they don’t know much about from the distance. Do you know what I mean :)?
    Happy Wednesday!

  7. That pizza looks so good! 🙂 I love the rustic looking crust. Is that frozen melon that you had for breakfast?

  8. Favorite topping – artichokes and ricotta, no sauce. I was a white pizza kid!

  9. That’s so funny that you used to have toast crumbs in your sheets, haha! At least you were conscious enough to stop before you married Alex. I can see how that wouldn’t go over so well. 😉

  10. Sometimes nothing beats good old toast and butter. I too love being busy its is a tricky little balance sometimes. A little too much is just a little too much.

  11. It’s hard to beat a simple margherita pizza! I’d eat the whole thing too 🙂

  12. Josh Dillard says:

    Pizza… I had Whole Foods vegan Pizza (a staple in my household, they put vegan general tso’s on it.) Also little known fact is Bottom’s Up now has daiya cheese too for people like me. I personally love a good bean/salsa lunch and fell in love with a bean dip I got from The Fresh Market that was amazing. Finally, my wife is obsessed with mangos and I still need to make a mango compote for toast for her and she would be in heaven, got a recipe for that 😉 haha. Today I rocked breakfast wise some homemade pumpkin dark chocolate chip pancakes and some soysage and I was golden.

    • Wow! I didn’t know Bottom’s Up had vegan pizzas! I LOVE their “goat in the garden” pizza! 🙂

  13. I love adding all the toppings to my pizza, but then I wonder am I missing out the simplicity of just cheese and tomatoes? But I love to have spinach and kalamata olives!

  14. Sounds like some great time spent with your parents! And that pizza looks so good!! I’d eat the whole thing too!

  15. Your food looks so good! I love frozen mango chunks. I use them as a sweet treat post dinner sometimes!

  16. Sometimes plain old toast for breakfast is exactly the thing I want–I hear you!

  17. Pizza is my weakness, that looks so good!!


  18. That pizza. I know exactly what you mean about telling yourself you’re only going to have a few slices. Did the same thing last weekend at my favorite pizza place. NO shame.

    And toast crumbs in your bed? I just ate dark chocolate in bed and got it all over the place. whoops. haha I also used to eat frozen mini milky way bars in bed and that was a mess too.

    A Chipotle catered bday party? That sounds incredible!

  19. I’ve been on such a toast kick, so your breakfast sounds perfect! Also, that pizza…perfect looking crust! I’m all about mushrooms on my pizza:)

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