Should You Juice?

I was talking to some girlfriends on Sunday about juicing and it got me thinking about why people juice, and what to consider if you’re thinking about trying it. While I absolutely love juicing, I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone. So let’s talk about it.

Should you juice


You’ll have to buy a juicer. I got mine for $50 on Amazon, which was a good investment for me, since I knew I would use it a lot. I use mine about 3 times a week, and even though it was a fairly inexpensive model, I really like it. It does the trick just fine. That said, if you’re not sure if you’re going to use it, it could be an investment for nothing. I know tons of people who have bought juicers and never used them. If you want to try it, ask a friend if you can borrow theirs. Chances are, they aren’t using it.


Weight Loss

I would not recommend juicing if you’re trying to lose weight. While juice is very good for you, it’s essentially fruits and vegetables without the fiber. So you’re getting the sugar from the food, but not the beneficial fiber. Granted, you’re getting lots of great nutrients, but it will not fill you up the way a salad or a piece of fruit would. So if you’re looking to replace a meal or cut down on calories, opt for a smoothie with some greens in it. You’ll stay fuller longer.


It is not cheap. It takes a lot of produce to make a glass of juice. That said, it’s cheaper than buying juice at a juice bar! Also, certain foods will give you lots more juice for your money. I always add celery or cucumbers to my juice, because they provide a lot of juice. Kale, spinach, and other greens don’t give you lots of juice, but they do give you tons of nutrients! Try a balance of each. (I love kale + cucumber + lemon + ginger!)



If you love sweet drinks, this might not be a good option for you. Sure, juice with 3 apples in it will taste amazing, but you’re also taking in a lot of sugar, without any fiber. To really get a lot of nutrients out of your juice, you’ll have to opt for lots of greens, so it can sometimes be a little bitter. I like the taste, and I don’t usually juice any fruits. Carrots or beets are great ways to get in some sweetness without quite as much sugar as apples or oranges. Just keep that in mind!

So it might sound like I’m convincing you not to juice… oops. Let me tell you why I think juicing is a good option for me:

Leftover Produce

I buy tons of fresh fruits and vegetables each week, and sometimes I can’t use them all. Instead of throwing away the last two handfuls of kale, that bruised apple, and that lone stalk of celery, I juice it. It is a great way to use up remnants of produce!

Nutrients Galore

A glass of juice is perfect on those days when I know I’m not getting a salad, and my day ahead looks like pizza and protein bars. You can get tons of vitamins and minerals all in one glass. It’s so easy. If I don’t have time to munch down a salad, a juice gets the job done for me.

Happy Tummy

I love vegetables. Obviously. But sometimes, too many vegetables can bother my stomach. Have you ever eaten a big salad and then felt sort of bloated and cramped? Vegetables have tons of good-for-you fiber, but too many raw can give you a stomachache. Juice is a good way to get the nutrients without the stomachache.

What do you think? Is juicing worth the time and effort? Is it too expensive or too much work? Do you prefer eating your veggies? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! I really do think juicing makes sense for some people, but it’s definitely not for everyone!

Β Do you juice?


  1. I recently busted out my juicer again after a long hiatus. I started juicing again because, like you said, I had a lot of produce leftover and didn’t want to waste it. Also, I was throwing out a lot of veggie scraps (like the tops of carrots, kale stems, etc.) and now I can just save them in the fridge until I’m ready to juice them. It’s also just a nice way to start the day.

  2. I used to juice and my bf is all about it. I got too busy to juice, clean, ect but if you can do it, I highly recommend it!!!

  3. My parents used to make me fresh carrot juice on a regular basis when I was growing up, but I haven’t exactly continued the juicing habit now that I’m older. I love the idea of it, but at the same time it also seems like such a waste — all that pulp!! That being said, I honestly wouldn’t mind the occasional juice because it really is one of the most refreshing and delicious things.

  4. I have a juicer, but don’t really use it. It’s just too much of a mess factor for me! I usually rely on my morning green smoothie to get a good dose of greens/fruit for the day.

  5. I think juicing is definitely worth the time and effort. I wish there was a way for me to make fresh juices every morning for school, but I just don’t think it’s possible in my dorm room.

  6. Good stuff to think about, thanks! I’ve been wondering if I should get a juicer or not. I’ve been relying on the old, ‘throw a handful of spinach into the smoothie’ method. Sounds like there are a lot of great reasons to consider getting a juicer, though, especially your point about leftover veggies.

  7. I’m not a huge DIY juicer! I do, however, love “juicing” in my Blendtec because you can use the whole fruit/veggie so there’s no waster. Albeit, it’s a little thicker than a traditional juice, but it still tastes delicious.

  8. I don’t juice. I don’t drink smoothies either. I prefer to chew my food and meals but do enjoy a glass of green juice containing cucumber, apple and kale spinach etc. I think it’s great for some people but not for others which I guess applies to so many other food trends and meal options. Have a great weekend!

  9. I don’t juice, but I LOVE making green smoothies in the morning after my workout! πŸ™‚

  10. I wish I juiced more but unfortunately it’s such an expensive habit. When I’m feeling a cold coming on I definitely drink a lot more juices and maybe it’s just a placebo but I think it helps! Also you got your juicer for $50??? Steal!

  11. You know I love my juicer!! My husband and I juice together so it helps reduce the amount of work it takes. He makes juice and I clean the juicer. I am guilty of not getting enough greens during the day, so juicing for me is a great way to start the day, plus the kick of ginger wakes me up! I have a Breville that I bought off another blogger.

  12. Lovely post Liz! I’m with you and think juicing is fantastic and a great way to clean out the crisper for sure! Everything in moderation and I am the same with juicing too – it can be a lifesaver when the tummy feels tired for sure!

  13. I have the exact same juicer and i absolutely love it. I had just expression my view on juicing the other day @Khushoos blog too how it should not be a meal replacement but a nutrient enhancer. I hate the cleaning part but other than that – i try to juice 2-3 times a week.

  14. I’ve wanted a juicer for a while now but it hasn’t been in the budget, priority wise. Yours is definitely affordable though.
    I like how you listed the pros and cons; it actually made me question whether it would be right for me or not. Don’t get me wrong, I love a yummy healthy juice but do I want to spend the extra time and money on it? I’m not so sure. I’ll think I’ll stick to eating my veggies for now and maybe if my circumstances change later, I’ll invest in a juicer. Thanks for the honest information!

  15. Wait… so you’re saying you love vegetables? Just kidding! Thanks for sharing this info. I’ve been going back and forth with whether I want to purchase a juicer, but I think right now I’m going to refrain because I just can’t afford to make the purchase and keep with the the cost of produce for the juice. Still, it might help me cut back on food waste like you mentioned. Eventually I hope to get one!

  16. This post has really helped me. I’ve wanted to juice for a long time & the only thing stopping me is the cost- not of the juicer, but all of the produce. But, I think it’s a good investment. Hopefully, I’ll get a juicer for Christmas!


  17. It always bothers me when people say they are juicing just to lose weight. Juicing has so many other health benefits! Plus you can NOT live on juice alone.

  18. Love this post, Liz! A juicer will definitely be on my Christmas list this year πŸ™‚

  19. I have the same juicer but have never had any success juicing Kale or spinach. do you have a secret?

  20. I don’t juice at all, but I know my mother does every day. I wanted to give it a try, but Im not a fan of vegetables mixed together, maybe Ill just need to combine the best ones. This is very helpful, Ill consider maybe juicing.


  21. I love fresh juice but I don’t know that I like it enough to buy a juicer. Our apartment isn’t huge and storage is already an issue. I bought a Yonanas maker and a large Veggie Spiraliser and both are taking up A LOT of kitchen space!

    Love this post though lots of interesting and true facts about juicing πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend!

  22. Great evaluation, Liz! As you know, I’ve recently gotten back into juicing and love it! I still, however, snub my nose at weight loss plans that suggest juices as meal replacements. Juices should supplement a diet, never replace!!

  23. I’ve been wanting to take up juicing for a couple months now… however I’m waiting until Christmas. You see, my MIL is getting me a juice.. so I have to wait πŸ™‚ Ha!

  24. i go through periods where i juice. it’s really about leftover produce, like you said. I love it but it does require a little extra $ if you do it daily. But man, i love the natural sweetness and i feel amazing when i add it to me daily diet!

  25. My mom gave me a juicer in the spring and I used it a couple of times before I moved it to the hallway closet. It’s not that I’m opposed to juicing but it takes time (prep, cleanup) and, as you said, it can be quite costly! I like the idea of adding veggies that add more juice into the combination πŸ™‚

    PS – I like that you’re discussing this topic. I go back and fourth with whether or not I should start juicing again. I may as well since I have one – even if just once a week πŸ™‚

  26. i am looking into buying a new juicer, and the hamilton beach big mouth juicer is one that i’m seriously considering!! does it do well with greens, crunchier produce like carrots and softer stuff like pineapple? i love the juicer that i have now because it is a champ when it comes to greens, but it can’t handle carrots, pineapple, pear or beats…i really want to buy something that can do it all πŸ™‚

  27. I love to juice. I go through phases where I’ll juice a lot and then I won’t for a while, but it is great for using up those vegetables before they go bad. Sometimes if it’s a vegetable I don’t quite like I can juice them and enjoy the juice.

  28. Never really thought about the lack of fiber in relation to losing weight. I am not a huge juice fan in general but I have heard good things about it.

  29. Ah juicing. Personally, I don’t juice myself. My roommate owns a juicer and I have been thinking about bringing it out to try my hand at it. Here and there when I am starting to feel sick or just feel like my body needs some extra nutrients, I will buy a juice but they are so expensive I try not to make that a habit.I think juicing has some great benefits as long as its done in moderation!

  30. LOVE this post! I have seen people juice all over the blog world, but never really knew whether it was actually a good investment or not. They always made it look so easy, but whenever I’d google juicers, I’d be totally turned off by the price. What a great, HONEST post about cosindering juicing!

  31. Good, honest writing about juicing! I’ve seen so much about how “juicing is all the way or not at all” and I just don’t think that’s right. I’m with you. I think juicing has a lot of great aspects but I think it should be done in moderation like everything else. I haven’t been able to take the leap of getting a juicer yet because the thought of wasting all the pulp is awful to me! My mother in law has a juice so I’ll probably just borrow hers πŸ˜‰ I do love fresh juice, though!!

  32. I completely agree with everything you said! The place I got my 3-days’ worth of juices (which has now lasted a week, and I’m only halfway through them!) was actually really cheap – only $100 for 18 bottles (16 ounces each), but that isn’t normal. And I got the recipes from them, and in one juice, there was anywhere from 2 1/2 – 4 apples!! No wonder they were pure sugar and no wonder I had to dillute them with water.

    It was a great option for me at the time, as I said in my post, but in the future I’ll definitely be making them myself so I can control what goes into them.

    Carrots and beets and ginger. I can get into a juice with just those!

  33. Ttrockwood says:

    I juice 4-5xs a week and have noticed a huge change is how happy my tummy is. I have it mid afternoon when i need a boost of energy and want to avoid caffine and sweets. My favorite combo right now is a cucumber, half grapefruit, a lemon, cilantro, parsley and about 1/2c fresh pineapple- its super refreshing and the citrus takes the edge off of the greens.
    I am in no way affiliated with the website but i found not only has hundreds of awesome juice recipes but also a nutrient calculator- the above juice i make has a ton of potassium and iron!

  34. Juicing is fun but expensive, messy & inconvenient. You also subject yourself to molds & bacterias! I eat tons of fresh veggies but I still supplement my nutrition with Farm to capsule Juice Plus+. This is Whole Food encapsulated or also comes in chews!! I get 25 extra fruits & veggies everyday! Non-GMO & no pesticides/herbicides!!!


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