Five Things Friday

I hope all of you in the states had an amazing 4th of July celebration! I’m still hanging out it Minnesota with Alex’s family, and it’s been so much fun. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the holiday, but I’m just loving life today.

So here are five things I’m loving this week:

1. All of the amazing recipes and projects I’m seeing across the blog world! I just discovered a few favorite blogs:  Attempts at Domestication (a fellow Virginia Blogger) is inspiring me to give my room a makeover. and Gimme Some Oven is loaded with some delicious looking things like these Oreo truffles!

favorite blogs

2. I’m absolutely loving the weather here in Minneapolis! It’s been sunny and beautiful all week. After we took a walk around the St. Paul cathedral, we laid on the lawn at the capitol building, soaking up some sunshine.

us on the lawn

Did you know that Minneapolis was ranked the #1 fittest city in the nation? Here’s the article. Crazy!

3. These beans, rice & cheese  Cedarlane Burritos. (Disclaimer: I did receive these for free, but as always, all opinions are my own!) I loved these, and the ingredient list is great, especially for a frozen food. (You’ve actually heard of these ingredients.) And they’re super filling!

img_0821I packed this on Tuesday with a cup of Chobani and it was the perfect protein packed lunch! Plus, it only takes 2 minutes to microwave, which is awesome if you don’t have a lot of time to prep for lunch. It’s big, but not too big that you finish it feeling stuffed. They’re about 260 calories, but have a lot of protein and fiber so you stay full. Click here for the full nutritional facts.

4. Another frozen food favorite I’ve returned to: Van’s Waffles! The Lite waffles are delicious, only 140 calories, and also have an ingredients list that doesn’t have a million crazy things.


I love mine topped with peanut butter and almond slices. Apparently I can’t get enough nuts! Rounded out this breakfast with an apple, and it was totally delicious!

5. Remaking old recipes. Alex and I threw together a quick pasta dinner on Monday night, and I had a zucchini in the fridge, which I turned into these zucchini fries. They’re so simple, and they might be my favorite way to eat zucchini.

img_0833I’ve been making these oven baked zucchini fries on a regular basis, and we’re still not sick of them! These are such a perfect side dish with pasta or paninis.

What are you loving this week?


  1. hello foodie goodness!

    Xo, Megan,

  2. Zucchini fries are so tasty! Love that picture of you two 🙂

  3. That picture of you two is too cute! 🙂
    I want to try that burrito! I love Amy’s frozen burritos, so I’m sure I would love that kind too.

  4. I’ve never tried zucchini fries, but now I’m intrigued. They look delicious! Are they at all soggy?

    • The trick is to slice them and blot them with a paper towel. Also, if you add a little salt to them and let them sit on a paper towel before baking them, it helps draw the water out. The thinner you slice them, the better! The breadcrumbs help them feel “crispy” even if they’re not actually crunchy on the outside.

  5. holy wow to those oreo truffles, they look so freaking good! My family is obsessed with oreos, especially my step son. These woulde be a huge hit!

  6. i am drooling at those oreos and zucchini fries sounds delicious. I have to try them sometime.

  7. I LOVE the Lite Van’s waffles!! I just recently tried them and now I am hooked!

  8. Ah, that picture of you two is the cutest!!! <3 I'm loving summer veggies too. I"ll have to be on the lookout for those burritos! Sounds yummy! xo.

  9. Such a cute picture 🙂 I love all the food in this post too, those waffles sound fantastic for breakfast, especially with the added crunch of the nuts!

  10. Thanks for the shout-out lady! You’re so sweet! 🙂

  11. Ok ummm your seriously adorable. I love that picture of you guys!

  12. Our weather has been great, too! And supposed to stay this way through the weekend. Perfect for the festivities we have planned! 🙂

  13. I love zucchini fries. I’m making so many different things with zucchini. Produce season is the best.

  14. Oooh zucchini fries! Another must-try 😉 I looove sweet potato fries. This week I’m loving the warm weather and the juicy summer fruits like strawberries. Yum!

  15. What an adorable picture of you two! Love it!

  16. That picture of y’all is just sooooooo cute. Love it so much!

  17. Can the two of you be any cuter <3 <3! Hope you guys are having a wonderful Holiday weekend!

  18. The sun that has finally decided to shine in England!

  19. I’ll have to try those zucchini fries they sound really delicious 🙂

    I am so jealous of your sunny summer weather. It is cold, raining and windy here in Australia with no sign of changing to warmer weather again for at least another 2 months.

  20. Those oreo truffles look absolutely ridiculous! I also am digging those zucchini fries! I love baked veggies :). Eats look great!

  21. Mmmmm to waffles and oreo truffles and those fries… oh my GEE <3

  22. The oreo truffles look delicious as well as those fries!

  23. Mmm,,,,Slobber flow out! I like also to eat Zucchini.

  24. I have been loving zucchini lately, I have got to make those fries though, they look fabulous. That picture of the two of you is incredible!

  25. That is an absolutely great photo of the two of you. Definitely a keeper 😉

    And oh my goodness I hope you have made some of those Oreo truffles.

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