CrossFitting In

I’ve been putting it off. But I finally gave CrossFit a try. It’s so different from my normal workout style, I figured it would be a good way to push myself into something new! Now that I’m running a lot less, I’m looking for new classes to keep me from getting bored. CrossFit seemed like a good thing to try.

So let me be totally honest. When I walked into CrossFit RVA I kind of expected to hate it. It just seemed so different from everything I’d done before, and the gym is seriously intimidating. At first. But the thing is, everyone turned out to be so friendly! The trainers were super nice, and everyone was cheering each other on. It really was like a little community! (And even though I was a total newbie, everyone was so supportive!)

Each workout is a new circuit, and the hardest part of the whole thing was remembering all the parts of the circuit 😉 I got to try all types of different lifts, which was kind of cool. I think my favorite part was the box jumps. Can I do that all the time?

What I Liked

  • The instructors demonstrated everything, and had us practice with PVC pipes before we tried the moves with weights.
  • From the warm up to the actual circuit, you keep moving! I’m definitely sore today!
  • The people were so friendly and encouraging! I looked like a total dork, but they cheered me on anyway.

What I Disliked Am Still Thinking About

  • I’m not sure what my fitness goals are… and I’m not sure that “lifting heavy things” is on there. 😉
  • Since I’m totally new to a lot of the lifts, I was a little afraid of doing something wrong, and hurting myself (although the trainers were readily available!)
  • CrossFit is expensive. I already have two gym memberships, plus gymnastics, so it starts to add up.

Overall, I’m really glad I tried it! I’ll definitely be going back, and it really was such a different workout than I’m used to doing. I love circuit type workouts because they’re so efficient, and I like that the CrossFit classes change each day, so your muscles never get used to a certain workout!

And the trainer said he’d never seen anyone smile so much during a workout. Oops? I guess I was pretty excited 😉

Have you ever tried CrossFit?


  1. I did CrossFit a lof over the summer and during the Fall and I LOVED it. It def is intimidating but I love how you can be so competitive with the person beside you one minute and then cheering them on to get a PR the next. I also loved that all the exercises were so scalable and that I could see myself improving over time.

  2. So glad you gave it a try! Lifting heavy can be intimidating but nothing even comes close to lifting heavy when it comes to: losing weight, increasing muscle mass, getting faster, improving balance & core stability. Also, there is noooo shame in scaling everything & anything – I scale all.the.time. and do very few workouts as Rx.

  3. I haven’t tried crossfit – I can’t justify the cost, especially when I could easily go to a playground or a landfill, throw some heavy garbage around and call it a workout.

  4. YAY! I’m so proud of you for finally going! And I’m glad it was a good experience 🙂 Embrace the soreness!

  5. I’m like terrified to try CrossFit, plus there’s none around me, which makes it hard haha

  6. Have not tried it and am a bit intimidated. Do they have classes for those of us who are less fit?

  7. I haven’t tried crossfit yet….mainly because it’s never fit in with all my running. Though I do love gaining strength and muscle, I find it hard to balance doing both at the same time. So I just do HIIT body weight workouts 🙂

  8. I haven’t tried crossfit, mostly because I don’t belong to a gym haha but it does look intense and idk if weights are really my thing lol

  9. I have been thinking about trying crossfit too…glad to see others are checking it out as well…waiting on a groupon to do it cause it is sooo freaking $$$

  10. Girl! I haven’t been here for a bit, I love your new blog! Gorgeous!

    Ahhhhh I’ve crossfitted once, its hard shiz!! I prefer heavy weight lifting with a different muscle group each day, BUT I did love how short the crossfit workouts are 🙂


  11. I’m thinking of trying Crossfit in January…looks like it could be a great workout maybe 2x a week. Then I would do cardio on my own. The problem is it’s so expensive!

  12. how bad would it be if I couldn’t move past the pvc pipes to real weights?! lol

  13. I have never been to a class to kudos to you for going! I will look up crossfit wods online and look up traveling crossfit wods and then pick and choose and make my own work outs. I’m with you on it being expensive and I would rather use what my gym has and do the work outs there. In dc its $200+ for a membership, hellllllls no. I’ll stick to my amazing gym that only costs $28 a month and do crossfitty work outs there. GIve it a go!

  14. I have and I love it! I just need some more time to fit it in!

  15. My husband is a CrossFit fanatic. He’s actually doing a CrossFit competition tomorrow! I’ve gone with him a dozen or so times. It’s not my thing for a few reasons: I like to schedule my workout plans in advance, and know what muscle groups/activities I’ll be focusing on. Also, I am such an avid runner, that I would never do CrossFit more than 2x week. According to most CrossFitters, you really have to do it 3+ times/week for it to have any benefit. Oh, and you’re right. It is ex-PEN-sive!

  16. monicareneewatson says:

    Cross Fit scares me. I think I tend to stick to running and pilates because I’d rather have the long, lean muscles, you know?

  17. It does seem intimidating but I’ve heard good things about the community feel and I think that’s brilliant for working out. You always need someone there to keep you motivated and help you along. I wish we had one closer to where I live!

  18. I haven’t tried Crossfit but I’ve wanted to. I am just not brave enough to go by myself! 🙂

  19. fizzandfrosting says:

    I’m so glad to read your review. I’d been eager to hear about your experience since I’m halfheartedly considering trying it out. Can you sense I’m non-committal? It seem so intimidating, but maybe one of these days I’ll finally give it a go!

  20. I am a hard core worker-outer (word?), but I don’t think CrossFit is up my alley. I much prefer things like TRX, body sculp, pilates, yoga, swimming, etc. I do however LOVE watching CrossFit because it is just incredible and I am in awe of what those CrossFitters can do!

  21. This makes cross fit seem seriously less intimidating, but it’s still scary to me! I am even intimidated to go to the regular gym when there are a lot of people there though. I’ll definitely keep watching to see how you like it though and what you decide to do.

  22. I have never tried Crossfit, but want to. Now that my fall half marathon is done I have been focusing more on strength and am looking to mix it up a bit. It was interesting reading about your experience! 🙂

  23. I too look for some classes to keep me motivated during the winter. I like the idea of crossfit but the cost turns me off. I did try a class once. I liked it but the place was too far away and the classes didn’t fit my schedule. I’m hoping to try it again this winter!

  24. Great post! I’ve been dying to try Cross-Fit- there are so many pros to it! And I love that it is a different workout each time:)

  25. Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone. I’ve got some of the same concerns about Cross Fit – but on my list to try is TRX.
    Have a great weekend.

  26. never tried cross fit but have been wanting to give it a try, maybe one day we will!!

  27. I’ve been wanting to try CrossFit for a while now. I tell ya though, weightlifting has made more of an impact on my figure than cardio has. My muscles (underneath the fat! ha) make my body more compact and just….sit….nicer? I don’t know what the word is. But I feel my best when I’m doing a lot of weights and cardio. Plus, you burn so many more calories at rest when you’re made of muscle, as I’m sure you know 😉

  28. it’d be too expensive for us right now, but i’d do it if i had more money 🙂 it would probably be fun… however a little intimidating i guess. but it’d probably be worth it in the end 🙂

  29. Kudos to you for trying something new. I didn’t realize you did gymnastics too….a sport after my own heart. If I tried something now, I’d probably injure myself.

  30. I feel the same way about CrossFit… I’d try it but I don’t think it would be my kind of workout. I like being a little sore after a workout but not to the point where I can barely move the next day and I feel like that’s what CrossFit would do. Good for you for giving it a chance and getting over the intimidation factor.

  31. I’ve never tried cross fit, but it does sound interesting. I have to re-join the gym and I can’t decide what to do. Have to do some serious thinking about it.

  32. I have tried it once as a free ‘sample.’ I tell you what, I really liked is right up my alley. But I have to agree with you on the the expense part…I have a gym membership that I don’t want to let go of and the price is insane!! I do now that CrossFit (the original) does post their workouts on line for you to do…it’s never really the same without the classroom competition though!

  33. YAYYY Glad you tried and even enjoyed! I also really like how you keep moving. I always have to keep checking the board for what’s next, but you’re constantly in motion, so before you know it, the workout’s over and you feel awesome. I agree that it’s very expensive and not sure how long I’ll be able to keep it up, but it is SO efficient and very likely worth the money.

  34. the only thing keeping me from trying it is the price. my regular gym (which i love) is already kinda pricey, and i would want to still do some regular workouts. i def can’t afford both, but i can’t really afford crossfit by itself anyway. i’ve definitely been trying to amp up my weights routine to make it a little more like crossfit, and “lifiting heavy” has been changing my body for sure.

  35. I’ve tried crossfit and I really enjoy it! I dont know if i would be able to do it full time though. Number 1 – price and Number 2 – i love to run more than lift

  36. I haven’t tried CrossFit but it sounds really interesting from what I’ve read – if you don’t want to lift heavy weights though, couldn’t you keep those bits to lighter ones and still get the benefit…?

  37. I get the feeling that I’d hate Crossfit. Something about the idea of jerky lifting movements, intense competitive vibes, and the idea that pushing yourself to the point of vomiting is kinda encouraged. That and the price are probably what keeps me away. I think I’m a little too mellow, mostly. That being said, I’m CONSTANTLY impressed with the physical transformations I see with crossfitters…

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