City Eats in RVA

Ok fine. I admit it. Sometimes I go an entire weekend without ever really cooking anything. Stop judging! It happens. When you’re in walking distance of so many cute restaurants, it’s hard not to bounce around from one place to the next. Since I had a long weekend, I had even more time to hit up some of my favorite local spots.

So here’s What I Ate Wednesday: RVA Edition.


I woke up to a typical smoothie. Nothing exciting. But after breakfast, I headed to Lamplighter for a cup of (strong) coffee.

If you’re looking for a super hipster coffee shop, this is your place. It was such perfect weather, I sipped on this cup in the sunshine. Perfect way to spend a morning.


For lunch, I met up with Conor at Kitchen 64 and had my favorite salad… Greek. Love me some Feta.


Sunday night, I stopped by Don’t Look Back for some delicious tacos. I had a black bean taco and a TVP taco. I loooove TVP. (I know, I know, textured vegetable protein doesn’t sound delicious, but trust me. It is.)

This place is so freaking delicious. I blogged an “official” review on Virginia Bloggers here. But the point is, if you live in Richmond, you should go eat there. It’s also pretty cheap, at $3 a taco. Just go. Tell them I sent you.


With a city this beautiful, how can I not go exploring? Richmond, you’re wonderful.

Do you have a favorite local coffee shop in your city?


  1. I guess I’m lucky I don’t live within walking distance of many places or I’d be broke all the time!

  2. Nice eats!

  3. Lamplighter is definitely our favorite coffee shop. I love that they have almond milk!

  4. I love it when coffee shops have in-house mugs. Recently I found a coffee shop I like that’s in my city but isn’t exactly close to me. womp womp. I usually just get my fix at home anyway.

  5. YUM! The new Lamplighter location is going to be literally next door to my crossfit gym – I forsee so much post workout coffee!

  6. My favorite is the Crossroads on Forrest Hill Ave. Only about 7 blocks from my house and their coffee is great!

  7. Those tacos look so good – I love it when restaurants have fun veggie options. πŸ™‚

  8. That’s so fantastic that they had so many healthy options:) It’s not eveyday that you find TVP tacos!

  9. Ok, I feel like I’ve been left out of some big secret. I have never heard of TVP. How does it taste? Is it good? There are a few coffee shops in town I like, and depending on the mood is which one I visit. Those tacos looks so good…and I’m also hungry!

    • It’s really good! It doesn’t really have any flavor on it’s own, but the texture is almost like a ground beef (although I can’t say I remember what ground beef tastes like, haha) I might have to try to recreate these at home so I can share the recipe!

  10. mmm those tacos sound good. Im all about anything with black beans in it!! Honestly, my favorite coffee is served at teh cheesecake factory. Theres just something about it! Or maybe its the slice of cheesecake that I get with it…. πŸ˜‰

  11. In Chicago my favorite coffee shop is Intelligensia! They take their coffee VERY seriously but it is so good!

  12. laurahappysugarhabits says:

    I love those days where you potter along and try foodie places without cooking yourself. It’s really relaxing πŸ™‚

  13. This is awesome and I’ve heard Richmond has such great restaurants. When I went to school in very upstate NY, a lot of things were so close to walk too and it was always super convenient!

  14. That picture is gorgeous! Love it! And I love the Biscotti cafe by me…they give you biscotti cookies with your coffee πŸ™‚

  15. Seriously those tacos look AMAZING!

  16. Those tacos look amazing! All we really have here are Starbucks, but it is a nice place to hang with friends πŸ™‚

  17. Your eats look so yummy! We have a couple local coffee shops, but I don’t go nearly enough. One does wonderful waffles and egg bowls. Another has great cracker crust pizzas… nevermind the delicious coffee! I always like checking out new non-chain coffee shops that have a uniqueness to them!

  18. Cheap, delicious TVP tacos? I think it’s about time I moved to Richmond…Plus I can’t find a good coffee shop around here to save my life. Starbucks or Starbucks?

  19. I love lazy weekends when no cooking is required! Those tend to be some of the best experiences πŸ™‚

  20. I just found you through Helen! and I love the looks of your eats. you in your red dress look so cute πŸ™‚ and that city is definitely beautiful

  21. I don’t know if I’m super hipster, but I’ve had Lamplighter recommended to me a few times…something about good vegan foods? I am all about a small coffee shop, I’m just too cheap to go to them often. πŸ™‚

    Speaking of vegan…are those VEGAN tacos???

  22. That coffee looks good…since I live in seattle I could throw a stone to find a good local coffee shop…we are spoiled in that manner! lol

  23. I love exploring and finding little restaurans and coffee houses. It truly is one of my favorite things to do πŸ™‚ That coffee shop sounds awesome by the way. I have a few favorite coffee shops in Columbus: Stauf’s and Cup O Joe!

  24. My uncle used to own a coffee shop in my hometown that was just awesome. The bathrooms were painted to look like the inside of a fish tank, the walls of the restaurant were covered in paintings and crafts from local artists… It just had that vibe, you know? Plus, their packets of cream cheese were huge, and the smoothies were to die for. Did I mention they also had gelato. Like everything great in one place πŸ™‚

    By the way, you take such gorgeous pictures. Like the one of the bridge in Richmond. Beautiful.

  25. Love this post and the sweet food!

    Just a little comment though… you have a few “minor” grammatical/spelling errors: you spelled when with a q, missed in an in “[I] headed to Lamplighter,” and “I [had?] a black bean taco.” Sorry to be one of “those” people. Just thought you should know.

  26. Richmond seems like a lovely place to live – but this opinion is based solely on reading your blog and Young House Love, haha πŸ™‚

  27. Wow, Richmond looks beautiful and so cool you’ve got all those nice places to eat at. I live in the middle of nowhere but the food in the pub over the road’s good πŸ™‚
    Where I work, there’s a Costa and a Starbucks – but there’s a lovely little independent coffee shop that does better coffee than either of them!

    Your taco’s look amazing!
    I haven’t really found one of those ‘amazing’ coffee shops where I live! I’m just out of Sydney! Mind you I haven’t really hunted because as crazy as it sounds I’m still a big fan of mccafe coffee πŸ˜‰

  29. I love a good Greek salad. Feta cheese, red onions, tomatoes, olives and and herbs. Oh yum.

  30. I’ve always heard great things about TVP but never had the guts to try it! Just the slight of those tacos are doing a great job of convincing me to take the plunge πŸ™‚

  31. LOVE the greek salad! Greek food in general is just bomb.

    • Thanks for that, Vicki, I hadn’t heard of Sabeel but will find out more. Yes, the issues are extremely complex, so it’s great that you’re able to reach out and make them more accessible to the church at large. For my pa2#&t8r30;I’m writing a thesis on the discourses of antisemitism and their potential for silencing dissent. Trust me, it’s a minefield!

  32. Don’t worry, I often go VERY long without cooking things…much longer than a weekend! Haha. I love Spot Coffee in Buffalo. Quaint, yet it’s a bigger place so lots of comfy chairs available…I never have that annoying I don’t have anywhere to sit thing going on.

  33. Such a lovely day of food- I love that Greek salad.

  34. Greek salad is my fave, too, Liz!! The tacos look delicious!!

  35. I love greek salad. I need to eat it more often and it’s so simple to make.

    We have a local coffee company who has a cute and homey spot right by Lake Michigan, so I’d say that is my favorite spot in Milwaukee.

  36. 1. i can walk to lamplighter and sstill havent been. why again? looks so cute! 2. need to try dont look back. how does it compare to tio pablo? #mytacolove lol πŸ˜‰

  37. I’ve already wanted to try TVP! Have you ever made it at home? I know Bob’s makes a variety…

  38. Oh girl, you are not the only one who can go a whole weekend without making anything at home. We are always so on-the-go on the weekends that sometimes it’s just easier to grab something while we’re out. πŸ™‚ Looks like a fun weekend of foodie adventures!

  39. Those tacos look friggen good. I absolutely love Richmond. Such a beautiful and fun city.


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