Grocery Budget Recap

The past week as been a blur!

I’m sad that vacation is over, but I’m kind of excited to get back into my routine. The whole trip was amazing! I already shared with you some of my eats from Dallas, so let’s skip to Ohio:

My best friend Alexa surprised me, by coming back to Columbus from St. Louis, so I was thrilled to have her around for the week! We went to Jeni’s Ice Cream, because it’s literally the best ice cream you will ever have in your life.

I had a trio of dark chocolate, goat cheese with cherries, and brambleberry crisp. The goat cheese was unbelievably creamy, ad the brambleberry crisp had chunks of pie crust in it. Yes. It’s reason enough to visit Ohio. You can also check out the Jeni’s cookbook, if you’re too far for ice cream.

I spent the weekend in Southern Ohio for a family reunion. Normally I could squeeze in some exercise with hiking or swimming, but it was over 100 degrees, so we spent most of the day inside. I did manage a 2 mile treadmill run, and a circuit workout in the tiny gym. Planks are my friend.


Grocery Budget Recap:

I’m a little late on my recap of June goals, but I’m happy to report that I slashed my grocery budget in half! I normally spend over $300 a month in groceries (which is ridiculous, I know) and in June, I only spent ~$150!

The 3 things that helped the most:

  1. Eating leftovers (from restaurants, or from the night before. I used to be really bad about this. I wouldn’t even take home leftovers from restaurants, because I knew I wouldn’t eat them. Taking them with me to work, rather than buying something in the cafeteria has been awesome.
  2. NOT going to the grocery store just because I was out of something. No yogurt? A smoothie for breakfast will be just fine! I used to go to the grocery store 4+ times a week, justifying it because I wanted fresh produce, or I needed “just that one thing” but forcing myself to make substitutions saved me time, and a lot of money!
  3. Skipping out on pricey snacks, and buying cheaper things in bulk! Sure, Arctic Zero is one of my favorite snacks, but at almost $5 a pint, it need to be more of an “every-once-in-awhile” treat, rather than an every night thing. Making my own protein ice cream is way cheaper!

Some of my favorite budget friendly snacks:

Click for more info: Cheap Frappuchino, Veggie Quesadilla, PB2 & Apple.

I’m really going to try to stay on track in July, as well. It’s not easy, since I absolutely love the grocery store, but I’m going to do my best!

Have you accomplished any goals recently?


  1. Awesome job!! I totally wanna try your challenge, it sounds like a great way to combat expenses 🙂
    That apple and pb2 looks so tasty too mmm!

  2. Wow, goat cheese icecream…I have never seen that before! I bet it was really good!! I love the name of the cheap-o Frappuchino 🙂

  3. Oh I’m so excited that you got to go to Jeni’s! My husband and I LOVE her ice cream. Lavendar is my favorite! I highly recommend her book if you’re at all interested in making ice cream at home. You don’t even have to make such crazy flavors – its just a great way of making creamy (never icy) ice cream at home. Pretty easy and tastes amazing!

  4. I am actually being spoiled this summer while I am home for summer break from school and living off of my parents grocery budget. I start back in mid-August so the word “budget” will be here before I know it!

  5. After all this craziness with the move and being outta town I’m kinda ready for a lil’ routine myself!! 😉

  6. I’m super impressed with your savings! Did the amount you spent going out to eat increase at all? Sometimes mine does if I’m spending less at the store- oops 😉

    • Haha I do eat out pretty frequently, but I didn’t find myself spending any more money on going out to eat. I think I actually spent a bit LESS because I was in such a budget conscious state of mind!

  7. GOAT CHEESE ice cream? brambleberry ice cream? i’ve never been to ohio but now it’s at the top of my states-to-visit list, haha!
    we do a lot of leftovers at my house to save $. i also try to be flexible with foods to avoid a trip to the store. my mom does our grocery shopping and i’d never ask her to run to the store just because i’m out of a fruit i usually eat for a snack or something like that. i’m also not going to go to the store myself for that because it’s a waste of time and money. i can find another perfectly suitable snack somewhere!

  8. There’s a Jeni’s here, and I always mean to go…but then it’s right next door to the best margaritas in the city AND right next door to the best vegan desserts in the city, and I just get overwhelmed by the tasty food choices available 😀 Congrats on hitting the budget goal! I used to be great about my food budget, but it’s gotten a little lax–I do the running in for that one necessary item thing way too often.

    • You have Jeni’s in Tennessee?? Is it the same Jeni’s!? If so, that’s awesome. And the fact that it’s next to awesome margaritas and vegan desserts… well that’s just perfect!

      • Yep, same one! Only one location in TN, and it just so happens to be that well-placed. And now I’m reconsidering my after-work froyo plans to include a much longer drive just so I can get Jenni’s sorbet instead, SO much better!

  9. Congrats on cutting your grocery budget in half! I’d love to do that but my ultra hungry husband makes it nearly impossible. Also, I’m dying over the delicious ice cream you described. Goat cheese ice cream, yum!

  10. The goat cheese ice cream…wow, I so wish I could have that! Sounds like you had quite the adventure last week! I’m with you, I feel kind of out of it, but I’m ready for my routine to be back this week! I hope you have a great one!

  11. Goat cheese ice cream sounds interesting!

    I need to be better about our grocery budget. I don’t eat leftovers, so I need to do better about making smaller portions for dinner. We also take a lot of trips to the store during the week–I need to make a set menu for the week and just stick to it!

  12. Did you ever go to the grocery store last night? I’m assuming not. Another way to save on your budget = wine night with Lindsay and Miles 😉 ha!

  13. Yeah, it’s kind of nice sometimes to get back into a routine. Congrats on doing so well with your budget! Good luck with July’s!

  14. Nicely done on the grocery shopping! That’s awesome! I’ve sadly been up a little more than usual when it comes to the budget. I blame happy hours…

  15. Nice work! Very impressive to cut your bill in half. I’ve got to start budgeting my groceries, too. I’m definitely guilty of your #2 – making swaps and working with what you’ve got instead of going to get what you WANT is something I’ll have to work on. Sounds like it worked well!

  16. Wow – this is something I really need to improve on. I am a huge offender of going to the grocery store after work just because I am craving a certain meal. I’m going to have to start planning meals – maybe that will help?!

  17. Omg is there such thing as goat’s cheese ice cream – amazing!!

  18. I just got on a crazy webtrail that led me to all of your amazing comments about my book on all your foodie friends’ blogs. Well, yummy! Thanks for being awesome Liz. And your blog looks amazing! Love the font selection. and food selection. 🙂

  19. goat cheese ice cream? Amazing.

  20. That’s a really good point about not running to the grocery store just because you’re out of one thing–I’m totally guilty of this but then I, of course, buy more than just what I went there for…great tips!

  21. Nice job on sticking to the budget! #3 is definitely my weakness. Packaged snacks are SUCH a waste of money (for the record, I am eating a VitaTop as I type this).

  22. Quesadillas are such a staple snack/lunch in my house! I love them!!

  23. Grocery shopping can be so expensive! But these sound like you did an awesome job 🙂

  24. awesome job girl! I need to get better at not going to the store just because I am out of it.

  25. 1. I also love to frequent the grocery store-where I overspend
    2. That ice cream looks so good-it’s sick!
    3. Why do I always forget apples and peanut butter as a snack???? Love my PB2.
    4. 🙂

  26. GOAT CHEESE ICE CREAM? I’m booking a flight to Ohio immediately! Will you wine & dine me? 😉 You’ve inspired me to cut my grocery bill more. I thought I was doing great by spending $100 a week, (which sounds insanely expensive, but food is crazy expensive in Canada… unless it’s McDonalds) But I do need to stop going to the grocery store for impulse purchases like kombucha, ice cream, etc.

  27. WHOA that is awesome that you saved so much!!! You go, girl! 🙂

  28. Oh gosh, I LOVE Jenni’s!! Being and Ohio native myself, I was SO excited to see it carried in a few NoVA stores this year :). Salty caramel, here I come!

  29. That is an awsome accomplishment, I would love to cut my grocery budget in half!! I have to say I have missed you greatly my friend. I am on a hiatus, as you can tell, with summer in full swing, but enjoying all of my time with the boys/friends. I pop in here and there to see what’s up, then I was thinking tonight how I haven’t left any comments lately. Most of my blog buddies are probably thinking I have gone for good!!

  30. Congrats on the budget overhaul. I’ve started doing the same thing as far as eating and making meals out of what’s on hand vs. always starting from scratch with new items from the store.

  31. JENI’S 😀 had it for the first time a few months ago and it DEFINITELY lived up to its expectations! i had a bite of my boyfriend’s chocolate, and it was the most intense ever. I’m more of a goat cheese girl though 😉

  32. Peanut butter and apple is a go to for me as well 🙂

  33. We have two Jeni’s stores within 2-3 miles of us. I need to get there more often. The ice cream is to die for! 🙂

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