The Dallas Edition

Eating on vacation is so much more fun than a regular day. And not just because I can bring my camera with me everywhere… Poor Eric had to accompany me as I acted like a tourist, snapping pictures everywhere we went.

So it’s fun to show you some food that’s a little outside of my boring routine!


Monday morning, I woke up early (for no apparent reason) and went to the gym for a quick workout. When I came back, I had a bowl of pomegranate Chobani with some frozen raspberries.

I know this sounds like a typical breakfast but it’s not. I only ever buy plain 0% Chobani, because I try to cut down on the added sugar. But I really wanted to try a fruity flavor and I fell in love with this one. Seriously, SO good. I’ll be dreaming of this for awhile.


Eric and I ran errands all morning, getting him furniture and things. It was torture walking through Ikea knowing I couldn’t actually buy anything that wouldn’t fit into my suitcase. I basically wanted to just move into the store, permanently.

We stopped by Taco Cabana, which was sort of like Chipotle with more options. I got a bowl filled with deliciousness.

3 Tips for eating healthy at a Mexican Restaurant

  1. Go vegetarian (not just because I heart vegetables, but so you’re not getting stuff cooked in lard)
  2. Skip the cheese and sour cream, and go for guacamole instead. Still creamy!
  3. Load up on salsa, rather than sauces. Salsa are basically all veggies!


We went to Uptown Dallas to try a bar called Tate’s, known for their Blackbird Julep. I can see why.

Look at all that fruit! It’s like they knew I’m obsessed with blueberries.

I also had a “Skinny Dip” Martini, as well as a plate of roasted goat cheese bruchetta.

I was going to get the hummus and veggies, which might have been a little healthier, but I always get hummus, so it was fun to try something new. I loved that it came out warm, with lots of peppers and tomatoes on top. The goat cheese had a perfect amount of seasoning, to give it a little kick. I might trade my feta obsession for a goat cheese obsession.

I loved Dallas so much. Not just the food, the city seemed to be bubbling with life! It was huge, and I wish I could have done more exploring. I totally can’t wait to go back! But I’m now in Ohio, visiting family and friends, for the rest of the week. I like Columbus too, and not just because they have the worlds best veggie burger and the most delicious ice cream in the universe. (I will be getting both of those while I’m home.)

Which do you like better, goat cheese, or feta cheese?


  1. goat cheese for the win!

  2. MMM those cocktails look amazing! I am also a huge fan of blueberries. Glad you’re enjoying your vacation!

  3. Both! Depends on my mood 🙂 Tangy feta and creamy goat cheese… yum yum, I love both on salads and with fruit 🙂 Those cocktails look awesome!

  4. You were in Dalllas?!!! Ah i miss my mexican so much. Did you guys go to Micocina?!!!!

  5. That black bird julep looks ridic. I’m going to Dallas next week I think, so I’ll definitely need to hit that up. Glad you are enjoying your vacation though. Dallas is my first of many vacations coming up. I’m excited to go shopping, eat, and finally relax from summer school.

  6. roasted goat cheese bruschetta?! omg i want some now

  7. I’m not a big fan of cheese but it looks good!

  8. The Blackbird Julep looks so good! Thanks for the great tips!

  9. I’ve never been to Dallas (or Texas, for that matter) but I’ve always wanted to! And I like feta cheese better, especially on salads! mmmmm

  10. Feta!! But I do love goats, the animal, hehe 🙂

  11. Its so true- eating on holiday seems like so much more fun that eating at home!

  12. Tough call–I think feta wins by a small margin, but I do love goat cheese!

  13. I have never met a cheese I didn’t like! LOL. I love them all! 🙂

  14. so funny that you ask because I’ve been asking myself the goat vs feta question. I love feta, but lately I’ve been LOVING goat cheese. So perhaps it’s between love and LOVE here. heh.
    I always (usually) stick to plain yogurt because a) I love it and b) added sugars aren’t awesome. If I get fruited, I don’t eat the fruit at the bottom. blech.

  15. Goat cheese all the way!

  16. I have a huge goat cheese obsession, it is my favourite type of cheese! It seems to be getting really popular all of a sudden, and I keep having trouble finding any of my favourite brand left in the store!

  17. Love Chobani yoghurt! They sent me some to try and have fallen in love with yoghurt all over again… blueberry is my favourite! Great tips for healthy eating @ Mexican restaurants. Guacamole is SO much better than sour cream anyway!

  18. That blackbird julep sounds pretty good!

  19. Chelsea Eats Treats says:

    I am just like you!!!! I used to be obsessed with feta until I discovered the creamy soft wonderfulness of chevre goat cheese. Seriously, how could I choose?

  20. Goat cheese! I love (and miss) that tang! Good choice over hummus. Hummus is delish, but it’s so easy to have at home, you definitely have to go special when you’re eating out! And IF you insist, I guess I’ll chow down on lots and lots of salsa ;D

  21. Ooh, pomegranate yoghurt sounds fab! Raspberries are always the way forward too, especially with yoghurt for breakfast…
    I had Mexican the other week; fish and this delicious green rice. Not sure exactly what it was but it was amazing 🙂
    And goats’ cheese all the way, love it!

  22. I am all about the goat cheese. I actually kind of hate feta; is that weird?
    And I’m so jealous of those cocktails! I haven’t had a fun, glamorous cocktail in months.

  23. I am such a goat cheese addict. I bought 2 huge logs of it when I took my little road trip to Trader Joe’s and went through it in an embarrassing about of time. I still got love for feta though.

  24. I always enjoy eating more on vacation than I do at home. I tend to eat the same things a lot when I am home, so it is fun to break up the monotony and branch out.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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