Let’s Call it a Rest Weekend

I had good intentions. I packed my running shoes. I remembered a sports bra. But no running happened. None. Does walking to the ice cream place count?

I wasn’t actually surprised by my lack of exercise. Since my left leg had been bothering me a little bit last week, I figured taking 3 days off wouldn’t kill me.

But that wasn’t all I rested from.Β I didn’t open my laptop for a solid 48 hours. Not once. (And I didn’t even check my e-mail on my phone.) I also (accidentally) left my phone at home for most of the day on Saturday.

Disconnected. And you know what?

It was fine.

I think my brain needed the digital detox as much as my body needed a rest from working out.

I’m really bad at focusing on one task, and one task only. My phone is always buzzing next to me. I practically begin twitching when I see this:

And obviously, the same reaction is true for e-mails, texts, facebook, wordpress…

Putting my phone down, and keeping my laptop closed allowed me to really spend time with my friends and family, without constantly asking “sorry, what?” as I glance up from my phone, mid-text.

And while I might have been disconnected form the world… I was snapping pictures!

Visiting Alexa’s school (CCAD) for an art show! She’s amazing πŸ™‚

Eating the worlds best veggie burger.

And found some words of inspiration. (Kelly, I stole this πŸ™‚ )

My trip went by way too fast, as it always does, but I’m glad I got to go home and see my family, Alexa, Kelly, and Christine! (Christine, I will definitely be trying that quinoa recipe!!!) Lindsay, we really will meet up one of these days!

Do you ever need a digital detox? Do you miss out on things because you’re too absorbed in your phone or computer?


  1. RunningDiva7 says:

    Souds like a wonderful weekend! I too had a rest weekend – disconnected from laptop, cell phone, and took a break from Facebook, Twitter & Instgram for a week. It was much needed to allow my mind some clarity.

    We must all schedule a rest weekend once a month to refresh our bodies & refuel our minds.

    Keep up with the awesome blog! Love following you & doings best to heart vegetables!

  2. Digital detox weekends are so refreshing, yours sounded fabulous! I’m glad you had so much fun! πŸ™‚

  3. Alexiasana says:

    i am in NEED of a digital detox so bad!! I sit in front of the computer 8 hours a day plus sometimes even more if I am writing a blog entry or need to do something personal. Its crazy. It would be great if i could do without a laptop, computer or any digital device for a week! the veggie burger looks amazing. is it raw?

  4. I definitely need a digital detox soon. Lately, I’ve been trying to be better about not being on my phone while at dinner or out with friends, it’s tough!

  5. Ironically, when I spent a weekend in DC with a few fellow bloggers, I was super disconnected. Random check of email a few times and that was about it. It was nice. πŸ™‚

    And seriously, I hate when it’s a group of friends out at a bar and we’re all on our phones. So counterproductive, don’t you think?

  6. That does look like a great veggie burger. Digital Detox, what a great term! I love blogging and reading blogs and must check email but the computer isn’t a huge part of my life. I consciously don’t even go in our office for days at a time, and rarely on weekends. I don’t have a cell so when I am with friends, I am with them.

  7. it would be so nice to disconnect! i should totally do that sometime πŸ™‚ looks like a great weekend though

  8. i need a rest from my laptop too!! i need to go camping or something. that veggie burger looks delish.

  9. Ahhh, I love those weekends where I never open the computer and I love even more the ones where I can turn off my phone. A detox is definitely need from time to time–can’t argue that technology is awesome, but that doesn’t mean I want to be connected all the time.

  10. I was away from my iPhone for an hour and a half last night when Mr. A stole it to use in place of his laptop. It was the longest hour and a half of my life.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. Oh my gosh, I totally feel you on the twitching when you see the little alert! πŸ™‚ It drives me crazy!!!

    Actually, on Friday my fiancΓ© and I tried to have no laptops and no cell phones at home while we watching a movie and ate dinner at home. It was really difficult!!!!

  12. Sounds like a great weekend. I love an occasional digital detox. I think my iPhone and its lovely apps give me the crazies.

  13. Glad you had a little digital vacay, we all need those some times πŸ™‚

    And PS thanks for the suggestion on the TED talks, I’ll have to look for the Malcolm Gladwell episodes!

  14. That is great that you took some time away of technology. I am actually surprisingly the odd person that often forgets there phone at home and barely replies to texts and emails. I don’t know why but talking just seems to suit me better. πŸ™‚ Great pics!

  15. I wouldn’t say I’m in need of a digital detox (probably because my phone is like 100 years old) but it is nice to spend a day without checking e-mails and Facebook once in awhile. Glad you had a good weekend (and congrats for surviving without your phone ;))

  16. Gary would love for me to take a digital detox! that would make is day haha
    I do think it is a great idea to take those breaks from time to time πŸ˜‰

  17. I didn’t turn on my computer for 36 hours this last weekend!! It was great! However, I did check my e-mail on my phone but nothing else! Awesome

  18. Sounds like a nice time! I”m doing a bit of a digital detox at the moment as I visit home for a couple of weeks. It’s really nice.

    Looks like an amazing veggie burger!!

  19. Digital detoxes (and sometimes even detoxes from exercise) are really important – I have a tendency to go go go until I burn out but it’s not healthy in the slightest!

  20. Most of my weekends are actually kind of like that. I leave my phone at home and don’t bother to open the laptop. The weekdays are so busy that any time with my husband is time when I want to be in the moment and not distracted. πŸ™‚ Anywho, I know what you mean about how great is is! πŸ™‚

  21. Tt in nyc says:

    Not long ago i realized that i wanted to focus on authentic old fashioned face to face connections with people in my life. I never have belonged to facebook, dont “tweet”, and instead of texting i call them on the phone… Yet somehow i feel im not missing anything. I put and leave my phone in my bag when i am with anyone, and only once had to point out to my very rude friend constantly checking her phone saying ” look, if there is something urgent you need to pay attention to we can just reschedule for another time”…. Maybe you also need to create personal boundaries/self imposed limitations on how plugged in you are- it sounds like this was a refreshing thing for you

  22. I’m so guilty of needing more “digital detox”! Luckily, I haven’t got an iPhone and although I can get Twitter, FB etc on my Nokia, it’s harder so I don’t do it much when I’m out – but I’m on the laptop every day and really should have a weekend off! I think the same goes for exercise too; nothing wrong with a weekend off πŸ™‚

  23. Ahh… I’m so glad I found your blog! I totally support a digital detox. I am in desperate need of one.

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