Cookie Dough Granola

I taunted you with this.

And I’m sorry I’m not sorry, because this stuff is so good.

I’ll warn you, it’s simple, but it does use ingredients that you might not necessarily have in your house. It’s not vegan, it’s not gluten free… but it’s delicious. So if you’re ok with that… then keep reading.

It’s also pretty low calorie for granola. So at least that’s a perk. Right? I mean, that’s an excuse to put this on top of… everything.

Cookie Dough Granola

  • 1 1/2 cups whole grain oats
  • 1 tbsp Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter*
  • 2 tbsp Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup**
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • Chocolate chips (optional)
*If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s in your area, look for Biscoff spread. If you absolutely can’t find it… you can use almond butter… but it won’t taste quite like cookie dough 
**You can also use vanilla + honey, but you’ll have to play around with the proprtions a little

This granola is also super easy to make. Just stir up your ingredients (except the chocolate chips) and spread onto a cookie sheet. Bake for about 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees, stirring occasionally. Once it’s slightly cool, you can add in some chocolate chips. I skipped the chocolate chips, because I was trying to keep the calories + fat down a bit. If you don’t add chocolate chips, a 1/4 cup serving of this stuff has less than 100 calories. Not bad for granola. (And this is a good thing, since I promise, the batch won’t last more than a few days…)

And now, because I love you all so much, and I truly believe that you’ll love this granola…

I’ll send one lucky person a batch of this stuff.

(*I can only ship to the US, sorry international folks!*)

All you have to do, is leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite type of granola is.

You can also tweet about it, if you want an extra entry. Just leave me a comment letting me know. (If you don’t already follow me, what are you waiting for?!)

Please keep in mind that this granola is not gluten free or vegan (but it is delicious).

Giveaway ends, Monday April 2nd at midnight!


  1. Bear naked vanilla almond crunch! Although I might try to make this recipe you posted because its a lot easier than I expected!

  2. Oh my goodness, this granola sounds amazing! I gave up Biscoff spread for Lent (It’s an addiction of mine.) so I wonder if I could make an exception for TJ’s Cookie Butter since it’s technically not Biscoff…? 😉
    Currently my favorite granola is my homemade Coconut Maple Granola, but I have a feeling I’d love this too! 😀

  3. I like regular ol’ chocolate chip granola with coconut. Made with peanut butter or something of the like. I’m aware this really just qualifies as me saying “I’ll eat and love almost any granola”.

    And I really need more of that cookie butter. But it is terrifying how quickly I go through it. I need supervision.

  4. Kelly O-ski says:

    My favorite granola is “Nuts about Granola”–aaaaaall of their flavors are soooo good. My favorite of the bunch would probably have to be “Lover’s Combo,” though–why are chocolate and peanut butter so beautiful together? haha. The “Mexican Hot Chocolate” is pretty wonderful too!

  5. I’m dyyyiiinnnggg to get my hands on some of that cookie butter from TJ’s! It’s at the top of my list for when it opens here haha 😉 Your recipe sounds delicious! I think my favorite granola is love grown 🙂

  6. Love your new photo, Liz!!!

  7. bonnielivehealthy says:

    I love Trader Joe’s! they have awesome Stuff 🙂 This granola sounds awesome Liz, please send me some!! My favorite granola is probably Cherry Almond. I <3 fruit and nuts, and one of my favorite snacks is trail mix. But I am a huge fan of less sugar, less fat, so this granola sounds perfect 😉

  8. bonnielivehealthy says:

    Cute profile pic by the way

  9. I love Gingersnap granola from Whole Foods!

  10. Ummmmm heck yes I want some of this deliciousness!! It seriously sounds super amazing!

  11. Looks awesome! Nothing wrong with just plain delicious sometimes…!

  12. any thing with chocolate or coconut in it!!

  13. Granola for me??? yes please! I’m big fan of Love Grown granola — or anything with big chunks..yum

  14. This looks so good! And such an awesome way to use cookie butter!!

  15. downtherabbithole6 says:

    My favorite type of granola is Bare Naked Peak Protein!

  16. Current favorite granola is Love Cruch, the little chocolate pieces and freeze dried strawberries are my weakness.

  17. My favorite kind of granola has to be cinnamon raisin because it’s so basic and yet ALWAYS so good! But i think if i win this batch of granola, cookie dough granola will be my favorite 🙂

  18. Ahh brilliant stuff here! I will have to try this out sometime, as with so many of your recipes!

  19. I’m sold – this sounds delicious! I definitely want to try it!

  20. Love the sound of this granola!

  21. Mmm…my b-f would love this. He usually thinks the granola I made is too healthy! And he’s a total cookie monster.

  22. What a lovely thing to do; I think it’s a fair bet whoever does get this will be bowled over by it! I like the sound of the cookie spread, I might have to try and recreate a gluten-free version… have a great weekend 🙂

  23. Yum! Granola is so good. My favorite granola is the fruity or peanut butter kind. Here is one of my favorite recipes She has so many wonderful peanut butter recipes and this granola is delicious!

  24. I tweeted about it @cassandrabish and I’m now a proud follower of you 🙂

  25. It’s a three-way tie between every type of Love Grown Granola I’ve tried (particularly the Cinnamon Raisin Almond Crunch), Tay’s PowerBerry Granola, and purely elizabeth Pumpkin Fig Granola.

    But I’m also a sucker for my mom’s. 🙂

  26. My favorite kind of granola is anything with peanut butter. I LOVE granola and I REALLY hope I win!!

  27. This sounds awesome!! I’m all about love grown granola. My favorite flavor is sweet cranberry pecan!

  28. This recipe looks super tasty Liz. I love the addition of the Cookie Butter. My favorite granola is LOVE GROWN FOODS – I like every variety they make. 🙂

  29. I like granola without a ton of sugar and lots of NUTS

  30. Love crunch dark chocolate. Yum!

  31. Oh, wow! This sounds amazing! What a great use for biscoff spread – delish!!

  32. I’m always hesitant to buy new granola because I have no self control with it! However, I love plain old raisin and cinnamon granola-but I’d love to try this to expand my granola horizons!

  33. I have got to try that cookie butter. They ran out at my local TJs, and I was talking to the cashier about it–who said they have a list of 100+ customer phone numbers they have to call when it comes back in stock. Apparently a pretty popular item…And I bet none of them even know about it’s granola potential!


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