My Favorite Pizza in Richmond

I could eat pizza pretty much every day. I love it. And it just so happens that I live steps away from the best pizza place in the city!

Stuzzi makes “true Neapolitan pizza” in their special wood fired oven, which is so crazy hot, it can cook a pizza to perfection in about 60 seconds. It’s pretty cool, and it tastes amazing!

*Fun fact, when I ended my 6 month vegan-trial, my first meal involving dairy was at Stuzzi!*

Their pizza uses fresh ingredients, and the description on their site explains it best:

Our dough is made using a low gluten, silky flour imported from Naples, Italy. This flour is all natural with no additives or preservatives, and is used by the most highly rated Pizzerie in Naples. Imported tomatoes from the San Marzano region, grown in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius in rich volcanic soil, provide our natural sauce. We use only only fresh, whole milk “fior di latte”, mozzarella cheese — simply the best!

Seriously, that poor pizza didn’t stand a chance against me. It’s the kind of pizza that really just melts in your mouth. You have to eat it with a knife and fork because it’s so delicate. The cheese is the best mozzarella around.



If you save room for dessert (which is hard, because their pizza is so good!) you must try the cannoli!

photo (28)


This was definitely one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. The filling is so creamy and not too sweet. It’s the perfect ending to an amazing dinner!

What’s the best pizza you’ve ever eaten?


  1. “grown in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius in rich volcanic soil” that quote just took this pizza to a whole new level of badassery. Man it looks good! 🙂
    Best pizza I’ve ever had was at a place called Aurelio’s in Chicago, I’m drooling just remembering it!

  2. I’m not really sure of anyone who dislikes pizza! I like making mine at home, that way I can put all the toppings I want 😀

  3. YUM pizza! That one looks delicious–like real, delicious food made out of good ingredients. The best pizza I had recently involved a great woodfired crust and oodles of vegan cheese that was actually really good–no idea where they found it, ’cause I want to buy some now!

  4. Yumm….”silky flour”! That description sounds heavenly!

  5. ahhh that pizza looks amazing!! I haven’t had really good pizza in SO long!!

  6. I haven’t tried Stuzzi yet but want to! Do you like it more than BlowToad? That Vinny’s place in the west end near my house is legit NY style pizza, tried it last week and was totally impressed.

    • I actually haven’t been to BlowToad yet! (I was sad I couldn’t go for Brittany’s birthday!) I’ll definitely have to try it.

      And you MUST come to Stuzzi with me next time!

  7. Oh we have a little pizza joint that is called Tommy’s pizza, it is a local eatery – so good! I love eating at locally owned cafe/restaurants as opposed to chains. They have a sweet pizza sauce that is to die for. Of course the hubster loves it with his Italian roots 🙂

  8. Your pizza look lovely. The best pizza I have was in Italy last summer…amazing!

  9. I just had some spinach artichoke pizza the other day — it was really good. 🙂

  10. I LOVE pizza – I’m a total sucker for a couple of GF brands that I’ve found at Whole Foods. Pre-GF, I used to love the pizza at The Pie, a local pizza branch here. It is beyond delicious!

  11. I can usually take or leave pizza but the texture of the crust on that one looks out of this world! The best I remember pre-coeliac days was a four cheese Pizza Express one; a giant thing but it didn’t stand a chance either… 😉

  12. That looks amazing! I love pizza so much. And random, but my husband’s family is from Naples so I think this pizza is just that much cooler. 🙂

  13. have not had any good pizza here in NC before. 🙁

  14. I like Pizza, in fact our whole family likes Pizza. The best PIzzas that I have eaten is probably Loui’s NY pizza at the Universal studios.


  15. I LOVE going to restaurants and actually being able to read about what is in the pizza dough! It seems it’s always such a mystery which is very unfortunate.

    I love restaurants who can appreciate the art of WHOLE foods.

    Best pizza I’ve ever eaten is hands down spinach, feta, onions and black olives. It’s always been my fav and always will be.

  16. I love wood-oven real-deal Italian pizza. When I’ve traveled to Italy I’ve basically wanted to eat pizza 3 meals/day. I love the simplicity of fresh tomato, basil, garlic. There’s a Neapolitan pizza restaurant in Madison that has the pizza oven and eating there is like a mini-trip to Italy

  17. You’re killing me! The UK is painfully lacking in good pizza, which is a definite food group for me. Your pizza looks ah-maze-ing!

  18. John C. says:

    My friend who worked there said the tomatoes come from California.

  19. Best pizza I ever had. Could you freeze some and bring home with you at Christmas?


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