3-Step Pasta Bake

Let’s jump right in.

Sometimes I get really excited because I want to share a recipe with you all. But then I get bored typing it all out. And I imagine your eyes glazing over as you read through it. Because I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to read 100 steps unless I’m actually in my kitchen making it. And you’re probably not. You’re probably at work, looking for something to distract you from your spreadsheet.

Good news, this recipe is only 3 steps. Which saves you reading time, me typing time, and us both cooking time.

I’m really trying not to go to the grocery store everytime I’m missing a few items, so I did some experimenting in order to use up what I had in my pantry. I actually had a lot of this left over from the first His and Hers recipe.

3-Step Pasta Bake

Serves 4 (as a main dish)
  • 3 cups uncooked whole wheat penne pasta
  • 1/2 cup ricotta cheese
  • 3 cups pasta sauce (divided)
  • 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
  • 1 tsp dried basil
  • Dash of salt and pepper
  • Sprinkle of roasted red pepper flakes, oregano

Step 1: Cook your pasta and drain it.

Step 2: Combine the ricotta and 2 cups of pasta sauce, then stir in your pasta until combined. Pour over the rest of the sauce and top with cheese and spices.

Step 3: Cover it with foil, sprayed with non-stick spray, and bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes

3 step pasta bake

Optional step: Eat.

And now, even though I’m way late on this, I’m finally going to fill out the butterfly award survey that Tessa tagged me to do like 2 weeks ago!

First of all, if you haven’t checked Tessa’s blog, please do! She’s an amazing girl, and while I love a lot of blogs, hers is definitely one of my favorites!

Name your favorite color: Purple. Ask anyone. (Alexa won’t let me buy anymore purple clothes.)

Name your favorite song Does anyone have a straight answer for this? A current favorite I’m loving is this passion pit/Jackson 5 mash-up. It’s freaking awesome.

Name your favorite dessert: I have to pick one? Honestly, anything chocolate. Especially if peanut butter is involved.

What wizzes you off:  When people are rude. There is no excuse not to be polite.

When you’re upset you: make Pissed Off Oatmeal Cookies 😉

Black or white:  Black!

Your biggest fear: Not being able to accomplish the goals I’ve set for myself, or realizing that the goals I set aren’t really what I want to accomplish with my life.

Best feature:  My eyes! I have so many people ask me if I have colored contacts. (I also have a hilarious story about an ex-boyfriend painting me a picture of my eyes, after we’d broken up. It was creepy and my family will never let me live that one down.)

Everyday attitude:  As my co-worked recently described me to a new hire: “Liz is like sunshine, rainbows and unicorns all wrapped into one. She’s always happy.” That’s pretty accurate actually.

What is perfection:  Defining what you want, and achieving it.

Guilty pleasure:  Jersey Shore and dipping peanut butter puffins into peanut butter, (you think I’m kidding?) preferably, both of those activities at the same time.

What’s your guilty pleasure?


  1. Ooh great recipe. And I loved reading your answers to the survey! Your guilty pleasures sound like my Thursday nights every week haha 😉 Happy Friday mah friend!

  2. Optional step is to eat?! Haha, I don’t think many of us could refuse! Ice cream is my guilty pleasure 🙂

  3. Surveys are fun to read! Have a great weekend Liz! 🙂


  4. seriuously I LOVE pasta bakes!! I can just throw it all together and toss it in the oven and not even bother it. So perfect.
    Guilty pleasure would have to be all my shows. I could sit on my rear all day watching them 🙂

  5. I don’t want to admit this but any of the “Housewives of…” shows are my guilty pleasure.
    “When people are rude. There is no excuse not to be polite.” Right!! I can’t stand it when I smile at someone and they can’t even return it. Geesh!

  6. I’m home alone this wkd and this sounds like the perfect lonely girl recipe!! My biggest guilty pleasures are definitely Jersey Shore and celebrity gossip; I’m a daily creeper over at People.com and US Magazine!

  7. The pasta looks amazing!

    My guily pleasure are ALL the Jersey shows, hahah! Jersey Shore, Jersey Housewives, and Jerseylicious 🙂

  8. 3 steps? I’m sooo in 🙂
    Looks delicious, and exactly what this fall weather calls for!
    My guilty pleasure is people.com 🙂

  9. I love pasta bakes! They are so easy, delicious and comforting. I never have cheese on hand so I’m going to have to buy some so I can make this recipe.

    My guilty pleasures are watching Teen Mom & Secret Life of an American Teenager and eating an entire pint of vegan cookie dough ice cream in one sitting (this happens about once a month haha).

  10. Haha, that is an amazing compliment: “sunshine, rainbows and unicorns”

    The pasta bake looks pretty amazing too…

  11. In love with pasta bakes, but haven’t made one all summer. This just might motivate me to get moving and make one soon! Yummmm. Grr, Grooveshark isn’t working for me but I will track that song down because it sounds AMAZING. Can Passion Pit do anything wrong? I’ll answer that for you: no. And love the creepy eye-painting story. And that JS is on your list of guilty pleasures too 😀 Definitely watched last night, but drank hot soy milk with hazelnut schnapps (yummm) during, rather than nomming on cereal

  12. Aww thanks for the shout out Liz! That was rather nice of you, I love your blog too 🙂
    And this recipe looks awesome, and it’s great that it is simple!

  13. Love this recipe! Anything with pasta is win for me 😀

  14. Love <3 pasta dishes… such a great "go to" meal and it makes everyone happy.
    PB puffins dipped in PB = amazing/addictive

  15. That pasta bake looks incredible!! I love pasta in any form, but I especially love it baked (though I don’t think the “eat” step would be at all optional in my house 😉 )

    Loved reading your facts! I especially love your favorite dessert answer 😀

    <3 <3

  16. I loved your answers for this survey! I completely agree, it’s really hard to choose just one favorite song!

  17. That pasta bake sounds gorgeous! I love pasta bake!

  18. mmm i love baked pasta recipes. i’m stealing this survey! and yes, i agree, you have very pretty eyes!

  19. Haha, Jersey Shore is totally my guilty pleasure too! I’m kind of ashamed to admit how much I love it…

  20. My favorite color is purple too =D have you ever tried making the pasta bakes in little dishes? you can make a few separate serves each for one person and add all your own secret weapons of taste.

  21. I like the survey post, I like hearing about the people behind the blogs. 🙂

    Your dinner looks awesome too.

    I thought of you last night as I was making a dinner to please everyone! I made tacos and we all eat everything except the ground beef. So I just threw on a pot of black beans for me, which they all eat too, but God forbid, if I didnt have ground beef with those tacos!! 😉

  22. Mmmm…everything looks so amazing.

  23. That pasta bake looks great- simple and delicious!
    I love that your guilty pleasure is Jersey Shore! I think mine is the X-Factor- so cheesy but so addictive!

  24. Totally love quick meals, 3 steps – I’m in!

    Guilty pleasure – um do I have to pick one?? It changes depending on my mood, but it is always usually somehting to eat that isn’t of the healthy variety.

  25. Purple is a hot fall color so you are a step ahead of the game 😉

  26. I love easy recipes. I love pasta bakes. This was meant for me. I am actually inspired by your guilty pleasure – I have to try this puffin thing! I don’t have any right now though… boooo. My guilty pleasure is eating ice cream and nut butter straight from the jar.

  27. mmm that looks delicious!

    i found your blog today and i love the title! whenever i tell people that i love veggies, they look at me like i’m crazy haha i’m glad there’s somebody like me out there! 😀

  28. I love leftovers! So, I’ll cook an involved meal a couple of times a week and then eat so many leftovers. THat was I can impress my roommates with my fancy cooking abilities, but still be lazy for most other meals.
    Oh, and I honestly don’t know how the veggie hater is still alive. It seems like he eats dairy, cereal, and meat. Is that about right? How doesn’t he have scurvy?

  29. Ha! I think my guilty pleasure is PB for sure. I love my nut butters!

  30. Just found your blog- I can tell it will become one of my “regulars” that I look through 🙂

    My guilty pleasure is eating Nutella out of the jar with a spoon. So, so good but so, so bad.

  31. I am so jealous of people who can eat like this. I never eat without guilt or without thought. Never.

    I think everything in moderation is the key to being healthy for life. Because you are always going to be confronted with unhealthy options or it will be too inconvenient for you to get the “right” food. Unfortunately, while I believe this to be true, I am not yet there and I struggle with this all the time.

  32. I’ve just come to that realization .. balance/moderation is EVERYTHING! Want the junk food, eat it when 1) you want it and 2) when you’re hungry … but STOP when you’re full. Such a hard lesson and I’m still working on it!

  33. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so making this! Easy!! Fast–it’s for ME! 🙂

  34. Everything in moderation is my key to life. I notice that when I make certain foods taboo, I end up rebelling against myself and wanting to eat an entire cheesecake in one sitting instead of having a reasonable slice.

  35. Wow… you are so right here. Moderation. Why is it so difficult to just eat and stop when your full…. I guess that’s where good tastin food comes to play…. like that pasta bake. So gonna make that. 🙂

  36. This looks so good (bad for you!) I’m totally going to make it.

  37. Mmm that looks deliiiicious! ANd I love 3-step recipes. Nice

  38. Hahaha peanut butter puffins in peanut butter! That sounds aaaamazing! Crunchy, puffy peanut buttery cereal and then the creamy PB woah mama – I sense a really amazing frozen treat coming out of that! Add some cocoa powder, roll it all in balls and freeze for pure frozen joy.

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