New Week, Fresh Start

Maybe it’s the 10pm ice cream habit, or the dinners out, or the [many] drinks that were consumed over the weekend. Maybe it’s my lack of motivation on the cardio machines, or maybe it’s the fact that I live 1 block away from a frozen yogurt shop…

Whatever the reason, the skinny jeans are feeling a little tighter than usual. And instead of buying new clothes, I’d prefer to just fit back into the ones I have…

So I need your help!

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What do you do when you need to get “back on track” with healthy eating? How do you get your feet back on the pavement, or your shoes on the treadmill? 

Song suggestions? Workout tips? Lighter recipes? I’m all ears. 

On a happier note, I got an amazing package from Eating Like a Horse! She’s the sweetest! My box was PACKED with goodies. Everything from pesto, to snack bars, to a chocolate peanut butter spread. (She knows I’m addicted to pb + chocolate!)

I stashed a packet of the pineapple infused raisins in my purse yesterday and it was such a nice pick me up snack! The chocolate spread I’ve been enjoying on the biscuits, and I can’t wait to try the pesto! Oh, and don’t even get me started on her homemade gluten free granola! It’s amazing!! If you haven’t checked out Eating Like a Horse yet, go! She’s awesome, and her blog will make you smile, I promise 🙂 (Thank you, Jemma, aka Celery and Cupcakes, for organizing the swap!

Happy Monday, friends. Here’s to a fresh start!

How do you get back on track?

<3 Liz


  1. aww I totally missed out on jemma’s swap! I dont live near anywhere cool yet so its proooobably for the best! =) I do live 4 hours from you though so thats pretty baller on its own 😉 haha!

    when I tell p i’m going to organize a blogger par-tay he keeps shaking his head and saying stranger danger… haha! anywho! my suggestions would be to get your tush to a spinning class! =) it burns 400-600 calories on average and is just plain fun! also keeping the trigger foods out of the house (aka the ice cream) can help a little bc sometimes we’re too lazy to go out and actually get it…but will eat it if its sitting there stairing us in ze face! i’m kind of full of like 10000 random tips so just shoot me an email if you’d like! though i’m sure you’ll rock off the extra pound or two making your jeans snug all on your own =) mwah!

  2. Girl, I’m feeling the same way! Whenever I want a fresh start I start with grocery shopping. It makes me feel good to stock up on healthy foods so you wont be tempted by the not so good for you food. Then, I like doing something relaxing like taking a nature walk or hanging out in a book store just to relax and open my mind. At the book store, I like to read magazines that inspire me such as ones focused on fitness, or health food. This always gets me back in the groove!


  3. You hit the JACKPOT with that package–filled with delicious goodies!

  4. Lots of lovely goodies for your swap! When I feel like I’ve been overdoing it a bit I tend to try and eat slightly smaller portions and more raw foods plus I bulk up everything with more veggies!

  5. I hear ya! I feel like I need a bit of detox myself. 😉 I picked up lots of fresh veggies yesterday and this morning I had a green smoothie–those always help. Working out always makes me eat healthier (because it’s what my body craves), so I plan on sweating it out this week, too!

    what a fun package!!

  6. Yeahhhh, after a week of not working out and eating and drinking lots I’m in the same boat. Whenever i need to kick my own ass back into gear i buy a ton of produce, no empty snack foods, and start the week off with a hard as hell workout (usually weights). And when I really need to get back into shape (like now), I count calories for a few days. If there’s one body-related number i’m afraid of it’s realizing how many calories my “little dessert/snack/splurge” cost me (and then realizing how long it takes to burn those off).
    G’luck, lady.

    • Yeah, sometimes I use Spark People to track my food, just to see where I’m indulging. But the problem is… I know its my night time snacking that’s doing me in! I just can’t seem to shake it!

  7. I’m a planner so I like to build in my workouts and meals. By doing this, I can check them off my list and know that I’m going in the right direction.

  8. Whenever I feel like I need a fresh start after a bit too much fun over the weekend I like to turn to veggies, lots of ’em! They always seem to make me feel better and clean from the inside out. After this past weekend I am feelin’ the same way so I started off with a giant salad for dinner Sunday night which left me waking up today feeling refreshed – and I’m going to try to incorporate lots of clean foods into the menu this week to keep that rollin’! Happy Mondayyyyy 🙂

  9. I’m feelin’ ya chickidee. I think it was my vacation that’s to blamee for the tight jeans 🙂 haha. We’ll get back on track, don’t worry. A froyo shop close to my house would probably be detrimental to my health. lol


  10. I find that tracking my eats (writing them down or taking pictures) helps me get my snacking back under control and upping my workouts helps with the blahh feeling I tend to get.

  11. I definitely up the veggies and water intake when I’m feeling not my usual self. I also limit when I eat out and count calories 🙂

  12. I have those days where I have a little too much fun and lack motivation. I think we all go through those periods. What helps me to get back on track is taking it slow. Have a big green smoothie and maybe go for a walk, than slowing increase my workouts till I get back to where I was. And just make sure my house is full of healthy eats

  13. i know what u mean1 try finding new workouts! switch it up.. and defs fill up on veggies!

  14. I know exactly what you are talking about! The main thing that works for me is to clear the pantry of snack/unhealthy foods and restock. Then I set a goal to work out a certain number of days per week. If I reach the goal on the weekend I award myself with non food items like a new bottle of nail polish, sunglasses, etc. Hope this helps some 🙂

  15. I love all of your swap goodies! When I feel like I’ve over done it, I just eat a little lighter and eat more veggies!

  16. ashmastandrea says:

    I just wrote a post like this! haha!

    I’m planning to amp up my cardio. I know my eating habits haven’t been that out of whack…a dessert here and there isn’t to blame for this bloat! We’ll see how it goes. I’m new to the whole cardio thing! Good luck! 🙂

  17. cardio!!!! ((i’ve helped many a relatives in this department..haha)) but i always say, plan your meals/snacks( keep enough calories/fat/etc to live of course) and stick to it..and anything inbetween, just have veggies or fruit, if your still hungry.
    and of course tons of water!!!! or green tea has the metabolsim boosting whatevers in it. 🙂
    and yoga is good too!
    good luck! think healthy thoughts. 🙂

  18. My suggestions would be to go grocery shopping and find some new and different foods to enjoy 🙂 but don’t deprive yourself! and start out at the gym slow and easy and then work your way up. Sometimes I feel like if I do too much at once I’m setting myself up for failure. but we’re all here to support you<3!

  19. I definitely focus on nutrition over exercise. Exercise is important BUT For me, it doesn’t matter how much I exercise, if I’m not eating right I feel like crap.

  20. To get back on track with exercising, I find the best advice is…just do it. Which sounds simple and unhelpful at the same time, but just making yourself do something, whether jogging or lifting or going to a class, tends to increase motivation to do it again. I run, and then will go for weeks without, and rather than planning all sorts of fitness, if I just get out there, then I actually get out there.

  21. That seems to be the theme this week. Summer fun has made most of us feel a little less healthy/fit/lean/whatever. Make small tweaks, and you’ll feel back to normal in no time!

    By the way, that’s a pretty cool box-o-goodies

  22. My best tip for cutting back without feeling deprived or hungry is to BULK up! Sounds counterintuitive, but adding volume in the form of veggies and puffed grains (think popcorn) makes you feel super full and satisfied. For me, the addition of a little healthy fat is key as well…It slows down digestion and makes everything taste better! Oh, and when I’m cutting back, I always try to treat myself to a small piece of chocolate or ice cream. It helps me stay motivated to eat healthy, knowing that there is a little reward at the end of the day. 🙂

  23. I’m a BEAST and never get off track, so I can’t really feel your pain.
    I also have liver disease that forces me to stay on track …
    So that really isn’t the same thing.
    But I try.
    Anyway, I’m here for motivation. I can be your personal trainer from far away. LEZZZGETTTITTTTT.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  24. I was feeling this way earlier this year and let me tell you it can either be discouraging OR really motivating! I chose to take the more positive route! I Started food journaling every day and noticed that my evening snacks were more like desserts than my actual need for sustenance! I also switched up my work outs and now I feel like I’m back in the swing of things! Just give yourself a little more structure for a month or two…those skinny jeans will fit perfectly once again!!

  25. Thank you so much! So weird to see what I sent pop up on someone else’s blog 🙂
    I love the Nakd raisins because they’re so different and I couldn’t not get the chocolate pb!
    In terms of if I’ve overdone it, like I did last night and over the weekend, I just eat a bit better for a few days to try and balance it out and soon get used to “normal” again…
    Hope you like the rest of the stuff!

  26. Lovin the swap goodies! When I feel my clothes starting to squeeze me in, I try to figure out what I was doing wrong. More often then not, it’s because I’ve gone a little crazy on the sweets (um, fro-yo?) so I cut back and exercise more. My clothes loosen up pretty soon after!

  27. If I feel like I’m overdoing it then I step away from the frozen yogurt for a bit. I find that giving up that one sweet treat naturally makes my other sweet cravings disappear, and then the problem takes care of itself. 😀

  28. Go to the farmer’s market and buy lots and lots of fresh fruit. When I have fruit in the house, it’s so much easier for me to bypass empty calories like candy or white carbs!

  29. One block from a frozen yogurt shop would be dangerous! I clean out the fridge and stock it with fresh fruits and veggies and make an effort to incorporate them into every meal…especially breakfast! It starts my day off on the right foot.

  30. I want to hear more about the basket, looks good. What are the raisins you mentioned? As for getting back on track, I believe in planning. Plan your menu or workouts for the week. Start with 1 thing and get that “going” before adding too many to-do items. A fro-yo free week?

  31. I’m definitely in a similar place right now. I workout regularly, I eat well but my pants are just a little tighter than usual and I don’t like it!! I think I do my mindless snacking at night, so I’ve tried to cut out the little munchies wherever I can. We can do it!!!

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