Eating Like a Local

I recently tried out Sprout, a Richmond restaurant that serves organic, local food. 90% of the food they serve comes from Virginia farmers! I can’t believe it took me so long to finally try it!

I went with my friend Vishal, which works out well, since we’re both vegetarian. That means sharing!!!

The menu had lots of vegetarian options, so it was hard to choose!

We decided on the Flatbread Pizzetta and the Gingered Tempeh Noodle Bowl.

The cheese on this pizza was sweet (maybe it was some kind of ricotta? Not sure) and the flatbread was nice and crispy.

This noodle bowl was SO Filling and delicious. I’d never had tempeh prepared this way, so it was nice to try something new!

And of course, the company was good 🙂 Life had been stressing me out lately, and it was nice to just sit back, relax ,and enjoy time with a friend!

Do you have any restaurants in your area that serve local ingredients? What would you have tried from the menu?

<3 Liz


  1. All of it looks so good! I love a good cheese plate so I probably would have tried that but what you ordered looks great too 🙂

  2. It all looks SO good and fresh! Especially that soup…yum! I think what you had looks great, and I might’ve tried the sauteed tofu. 🙂

  3. you’ve got me drooling over your food now 🙂 i wish there were local organic restaurants in my area, but they are few and far between! 🙁


  4. that flatbread totally caught my eye when i was browsing through the menu!!

  5. I’d be all over the place!

    We have several local places in Cali that are really quite good.

  6. all of this looks so good! we have a bunch of places in my area that serve only local food. i love it!

  7. Mm, that gingered noodle bowl immediately caught my eye–even before I got to your picture of it! Wish I lived near that restaurant–sounds really good! The only local restaurant around isn’t very local to me (a 30 min drive across town–but worth it!). There are a few closer places, but they are RITZY aka EXPENSIVE.

  8. Ohh yum! Its so weird going out to eat at a veg restaurant and having so many choices! You look like you made some good choices!


  9. ahh how neat!! ive nevr been to a place with local things! that flat bread pizzerette looks so good!

  10. I was at Sprout recently too, and I have to say I was NOT impressed. We had a Living Social coupon for the place so thankfully we got it for not-quite-as-expensive as it would have been, but it was still pretty pricey for the amount of food we got. My dad got the daily special (green eggs and ham sandwich) with the cheese and meat plate. He liked his sandwich, and the cheese and meat plate was good (not great), but such small quantities! I totally understand that being organic and all that jacks up the prices a bit, but it was like 12 bucks for a few pieces of meat and some cheese…
    My sister got half sandwich/half salad special with the glazed tempeh and vegan ricotta sandwich. It didn’t have any of the ricotta on it… how does someone forget to put half of main ingredients on a sandwich?? She also got the tofu salad, which was literally a tiny handful of greens with some overcooked, dry and tasteless tofu slices placed on it.
    I got the half-and-half with the pulled pork sandwich and the house salad. The pork was almost pure fat (I kept having to spit out hunks of fat as politely as I possibly could – it was so embarrassing but I was not about to swallow hunks of pure pig fat) and they didn’t add the relish, which I was really looking forward to. The sandwich was pretty flimsy and didn’t taste like much. And my salad was not “greens with seasonal vegetables”. It was just literally a super-tiny handful of arugula with a few specks of red leaf lettuce thrown on a plate. No veggies to speak of! It was super-disappointing and I ended up eating a ZBar that I had in my purse as soon as we left the restaurant (the bar was more filling than my entire lunch). What’s more is I was the one who convinced my family to go there, since I’m really into Sprout’s message, so I feel like I really wasted my parents’ money. 🙁

    I’m glad you had a good meal, though. 🙂 Frankly my dinner was better: VCU’s dining hall buffet! I’m not sure if non-students can get in without being a student’s guest, but I was “swiped in” by the friend I was visiting and had a very satisfying dinner. VCU is going green so a lot of their food is local (including their milk, which I find awesome) and they have THE most amazing pesto hummus that consisted of most of my meal. I used it as a dressing for tons of veggies that I’d missed out on at lunch. 😉

    • Aw I’m sorry you had a bad experience there!! I think its probably hit or miss, since the ingredients are local. They were out of a lot of ingredients while we were there, too, and I think that’s because they’re dependent on what they can get locally. At least you had a living social coupon for it!

      Maybe someday I can get someone to swipe me in at VCU 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  11. that sounds delish!

  12. We have Cuban restaurants all around Miami and it’s stuff that I pretty much have all the time anyways but it’s always fun to go somewhere and see how they serve it up 😀

  13. We have a restaraunt a couple of cities away (if that makes sense..hahah) that uses ingredients from local farmers. I have always wanted to try it, but I never go into that particular city.

    The menu looks fabulous!

  14. That flatbread looks so good! I went to a vegan restaurant last Saturday and it was so delicious!

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