No Routine? No Problem…

Ok that’s not true. It’s actually really hard for me to break out of my routine. I have my whole food-cooking-gym thing pretty well scheduled at home. I know what I’ll eat for breakfast. I know what I’ll pack for lunch. I know what I’ll cook for dinner (depending on the night). I know what classes I want to take at the gym, what days I want to run, what days I workout with my workout buddy. However, at home, it’s all shaken up…

My mommy was super sweet, and bought me my favorite kind of yogurt (aside from Greek yogurt, which is hands down the most amazing stuff ever.)

Yumm, carrot cake yogurt (80 calories and 12 grams of protein? All for 44 cents a cup? Yes please.) I like to add some shredded unsweetened coconut when I’m feeling crrrazy.

My mom also bought me Vitatops, because she loves me. Hehe. But I don’t have my vitamix, which means my go-to breakfast of frozen banana + frozen soymilk can’t happen. Instead I’ve been eating cereal, which never seems to fill me up. *sigh* I also just seem to eat so much more when I’m home. I mean, my mom always keeps things like Wheat Thins on hand, and I am a slave to those stupid little crackers… so tasty…. Anyways. It really messes with my routine. I need to learn how to be more flexible! (And not eat all the Wheat Thins…)


I also miss being able to go to the gym 🙁 And since Ohio is apparently protesting spring (we got more snow last night) I can’t run outside! What’s a girl to do?!

Thankfully, I brought a trainer with me:

I did level 3 last night! Woohoo! I’m definitely sore this morning. It felt good to get in a workout, even if it had to be done in my living room… in front of my family… (“Oh, that one looks hard!” “Oh, that move would be good for skiing!” “Oh man, keep going!” Thanks, Dad…)


How do you stick to your habits when you’re routine gets shaken up? Any tips?

<3 Liz


  1. I love the 30 day shred…..I usually resort to DVDs when my routine is all out of whack

  2. I totally bring stuff with me. When I go to my dads I bring my kettlebell as well as a few dvds. I make sure that I squeeze in a workout somewhere and I also bring homemade granola bars and all my flax, chia, protein powder stuff 🙂

  3. Ah! I heart The Shred but can’t imagine doing it in front of people… I know I look like such a goof! :p

  4. Haha! I love that your family was oh-so-“encouraging” as you worked out. Gotta love fam. I still need to try that dvd!

  5. I sort of thrive on routines for the most part, but they do become a bore! I usually try to find a class to go to to shake things up!

  6. I try not to be too hard on myself. There are going to be times when I fall of the wagon, and I just remind myself that every meal/snack/whatever is an opportunity to reign myself in.

  7. i think you have it pretty set! esp bringing Jillian with you! i NEED To get me some workout DVDs.. NEED TO!

  8. I bring stuff with me if I’m not going to be at home — but sometimes you just do the best you can with what is available.

    30 Day Shred is tough!

  9. Girrrrrl, you are speaking my language. I am a total gym rat, workout obsessed, personal trainer certified, high-maintenance freak when it comes to working out and eating right. (The eating right thing also occurs because of my liver disease, but let’s focus on the positive.)

    I hate it when my routine is disrupted. I have a great routine that works for me. Eating outside of the home isn’t really a problem for me since I never go anywhere that is far from home, and when I do, I always eat the same thing – a salad with grilled chicken, a grilled chicken sandwich, or a turkey sandwich (with only lettuce and tomato; no bacon, no mayo, no cheese, no dressing). As far as working out at home when I can’t get to the gym (snow/ice is the only reason I can’t leave my house), I have a one-hour ab routine that I do three times a week, anyway, or I do my Pilates. I also have some Billy Blanks Tae-Bo DVDs that are pretty good.

    I always prefer the gym. Even if I travel, I try to find a gym that I can attend. I will pay any fee as long as I can use a gym. One of the best aspects of running is that you can do it anywhere, and all you need is a pair of shoes and some running clothes.

    I don’t doubt that Jillian Michaels has amazing workouts. I have looked at her abs DVD, and it looks intense. (It isn’t very different from what I do already.) She, however, scares the living Hell out of me – not because she is intense or whatever. I can be twice as intense as her when working out. Her face scares me. She is way too mannish, and I’m afraid that if I use her workouts, I will look like a man, too.
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  10. I try to plan out what I need to get done daily, if it’s not possible for me to plan for the week. That way things still get done, and I can be more flexible day to day.

  11. Hmm Ive never seen that brand of yogurt before! but then again, I literally just head straight to greek yogurt… probably why. Bravo on level 3 – I hear those workouts are HARD!

  12. I keep a pair of hand-weights and a fit ball at my parents’ house so that I can do a home workout. When I visit my boyfriend or other friends and family I always take some healthy food along with me just in case.

  13. I’m really bad at sticking to good habits when my routine is out of whack 🙁 I’m not very flexible- if I can’t get a normal workout in, I just won’t do it. I should really work on that!

  14. LOL, I can remember working out at home in front of my Dad back in the day… he was quite the peanut gallery of comments too! 🙂

  15. No worries–I think we all eat more when we’re at home. Mom’s just always know how to keep around the foods we like best, right?! When I’m away from home, I always try to get in a daily walk at the very least to make sure I get my movement quota in for the day. Good idea to bring trainer Jillian along with you!

    Have a great week 🙂

  16. I’m huge with routine, and change can really knock me off my rocker haha! Love Jillian!! Haven’t gotten to level 3 yet on 30-day shred, soon though!

  17. Lol! I love your the comments from your family. 🙂

    Whenever my routine gets shaken up, so do I. Planning ahead is definitely the best thing you can do but since things don’t always go as planned, I just try to go with the flow.

  18. Haha! I HATE when people watch me work out at home! Especially if they feel a need to say “that looks hard”. Or – heaven help them – GIGGLE.

  19. The carrot cake yogurt sounds YUMMY! Haha, the comments from your dad are soooo funny! 🙂

  20. LOVE Jillian her videos kick my butt everytime!

  21. I love Vitatops! In high school we used to buy brownies, cookie dough, and a TON of Ben and Jerry’s for out girls nights. Now we just buy wine. 😉

  22. I do wine…all wine all the time. 😉

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