Ethiopian Adventures!

Hey loves! So I’m a little behind posting on Valentines day, so forgive me, but I can’t not post about this!

My V-tine surprised me with a trip to “The Nile” ,a local Ethiopian restaurant. I’d never had Ethiopian food, so naturally, I was practically jumping up and down.

In the interest of not annoying every person at the restaurant, I limited my picture taking, but I did sneak in this one. (Sorry it’s such low quality. I didn’t drag my camera with me)

I got a plate with a sample of 5 of the vegetarian/vegan entrees. Oh my goodness, these were SO good! It included:

Yemisir Wat

Split lentil sauce made with flavorful berbere-based seasoning

Azifa (whole lentil salad) —

Whole lentils cooked and mashed, seasoned lime juice and mustard

Ater Kik Alicha

Yellow split peas cooked in mildly flavored sauce, seasoned with garlic and ginger

There were two other dishes that I don’t remember 🙁 Sorry! One of them was an eggplant dish served cold, and one was a warm potato dish!

All of the food is served on Injera, which is like a spongy bread, and you use it to pick up the food (so there are no utensils involved) which is so fun! Not to mention, everything was delicious! I think my favorite was the Ater Kik Alicha!

Have you ever had Ethiopian food?

<3 Liz


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  1. i’ve never had ethiopian food, but judging by what you ate, i’d love it!

  2. I’d love to try Ethiopian food because it’s vegetarian (mostly) and spicy (from what I hear). Yum!

  3. I have yet to try Ethiopian food-but it sounds so delish!! 🙂

  4. Haha, every time I hear about Ethiopian food I think of that part in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ where they talk about it 🙂 I really want to try it!

  5. mm! i’ve never had ethiopian food before, but you’re definitely pushing me to try it!

    looks good!xo.

  6. I love to get the veggie-based sampler plates too… the ultimate meal!

  7. We went to a local Ethiopian place here and it was so terrible I can’t even describe it. The group of five of us that went all got sick and even just the smell of the place makes us gag now. I’m not sure if we weren’t adventuresome enough or if it was the way it was prepared or what, but it definitely wasn’t for me, haha! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, though! 🙂

  8. I’ve never tried Ethiopian food, but it sounds sooo yummy!

  9. I want to try this so bad!!!! I’m googling my area stat!

  10. I’ve never tried ethiopian! looks good! (PS: I’m a dork for being desperate and checking like right at 5 to see who won the giveaway haah I’m lammme)

  11. Wow – that sounds amazing and sounds like all the flavours that I love. I haven’t got any Ethopian restaurnats near me to try out, but I know that my favourite veggie restaurant does an Ethiopian dish which I will definitely be having next time I go.

  12. Ethiopian food is soooo good! There are 2 main reasons why I miss the city that we used to live in: world’s best Ethiopian restaurant and world’s best thai restaurant.

  13. too funny–i’m going out for ethiopian tomorrow for the first time! i can’t wait!

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