Happy Tofurkey Day!

^That was the text, sent to me by my friend Scott, who can’t believe I won’t eat meat 🙂 But despite the lack of turkey eating, I managed to eat quite a bit of delicious thanksgiving dishes!

My mommy made me my own separate vegetarian stuffing 🙂 She also made a roasted vegetable dish, just for me! Carrots, onions, zucchini, squash, potatoes and asparagus. Yum!

Despite typical vacation festivities I’ve actually stuck to healthy eating for the most part. Notice I say *most* part. I did have some ice cream & french fries last night at 1am @ Steak n Shake, as seen below. Slight derailing of the healthy eating plan, but sometimes, you’ve just gotta relax!

^Alexa and I enjoying some late night munchies 😉

Before all that fiid, I did do a 45 minute step class, followed by a one hour zumba class! *Phew* I was exhausted by the end! I’m lucky enough to have friends that work at the local YMCA so I got to go for free! How fun! 🙂 Today, I went running, and then did some free weights in my basement. I’m finding ways to squeeze in workouts, even when my normal gym isn’t available!


And now, on a completely random note, this video just makes my day:


Happy Thanksgiving!

<3 Liz


  1. I have found it interesting following a vegan diet over the holidays…I actually noticed that I missed the “traditional” food only over the holidays, but not the rest of the year!

    This video totally cracks my a** up! Love that song…

  2. Your plate of Thanksgiving fixings looks great. Sounds like you enjoyed them. 🙂 Nice job with staying active while away.

  3. I stuffed myself to the gills today! Happy Thanksgiving, doll!

  4. I’m not a vegetarian, but I hardly eat turkey on thanksgiving. Who needs eat? I don’t like it that much and there’s always so much other yummy food anyway. Those roasted veggies look scrumptious 🙂

  5. That was nice of your mom to make a vegetarian stuffind for you 🙂 Sounds delicious!

  6. Vegetarian Thanksgiving is still great, isn’t it?! I don’t even notice there’s no turkey on my plate with all of the other goodies there are to eat (stuffing is my favorite!). And you’ve GOT to make room for a little steak n’ shake holiday fun–when you eat healthy most of the time, that makes the fun indulgences even more enjoyable 🙂

  7. hahaha I adore that youtube video 🙂 my boyfriend showed it to me the other day and we laughed forever!!! So cute!!!

  8. I’m not a vegetarian but I don’t eat conventionally raised meat and the turkey my sister in law served was… so I didn’t eat it. No big deal. It was still a fabulous Thanksgiving meal; turkey is really overrated 🙂 Plus, it’s all about spending time with the family for me.
    PS – Wow, that’s some serious fitness class action before the big meal!

  9. just read the sweet sugar belle cookie pie post, well done to you! the coieoks and tute look really great. The pie coieoks are a awesome idea! you should be proud

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